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Document written by: Da Livie and Allison Nedder   Order to obtain the document: [Domino]   Content: This document will go through what demons are, how they reproduce, and their biology.
Unlike angels, demons are misunderstood. People fear them because of their features, but what they forget is demons are one of the most loyal to our holy empire.
— Davagen priest Halaceven
  Demons are viewed to be horrifying and negative because of their appearance. However, in reality, demons are the known to be friendly and caring compared to their angel counterparts. Demons are misunderstood and marginalised by most societies. Demons got their looks by having the memories of the dead to look like monstrosities to the culture the demon is born in.

Basic Information


Demons will have anatomies similar to the sapient species that are common on the planet but having an appearance that terrifies the culture. The appearance will be different depending on the culture’s customs at the time the child is born.

Biological Traits

Demons will have similar abilities and anatomy to the sapient species they got their traits from. A demon cannot use magic similarly to any species, besides using their soul to summon things from hell and use their soul to mildly interact with the physical world.

Genetics and Reproduction

A demon female and a demon male will have sexual intercourse. The male sperm will fertilise the female egg. The gestation period will last roughly 11 months, during this time the embryo will collect souls of the dead sapient species and gather memories and understanding what their cultural values are to see what they are afraid of. Depending on the number of sagacious souls in the area the demon will gather traits depending on what’s the most dominate sapient souls are in the area.

Growth Rate & Stages

It takes 20 years for a demon to fully develop and mature.

Ecology and Habitats

Depending on the traits they have, demons can adapt to any environment in the galaxy, but if the characteristics they have prevent them from living in one environment they should avoid it. For example if a demon has a genetic trait that makes them unable to survive at temperatures below 0 degrees Celcius they would most likely die.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Demons are neither an omnivore, carnivore, or herbivore. They get their diet from a culture that has a negative view on that diet.

Biological Cycle

A demon will go through seven stages throughout their life. Embryo, infant, child, teenager, adult, elder, and hell razer. A demon embryo stage will only last for 11 months; during this time, the embryo will collect souls of dead sapient species that are common in the area. The fetus will collect the memories of the souls to understand the culture that is in the area, once the fetus has a strong understanding of the culture they will develop their anatomy that is similar to the most common sapient soul they collected and will develop traits that are viewed horrifying and terrifying within the culture. The next stage is infant, which will only last 5 years, during this time the demon will begin understanding how to walk and speak its native language. After that is the child stage, this stage will last until they hit 13 years of age, during this time the demon will begin to learn how to breathe hellfire. After that is the teenager stage which will continue till they hit 19 years of age, this is when the demon will start having memory flashbacks of the souls they collected during their time as an embryo, this is also the stage the demon is sexually active. The next step is the adult stage, which will last for 50 years, this stage is when the demon can make their soul to effectively summon things that are from hell and make their soul interact with the physical world. The elder stage is a stage where the demon is fully capable of using their soul to affect the physical world by altering light and at some instant gravity, this stage will only last for over 500 years. Hell razer is a stage when the demon fully remembers the memories of the souls it gathered, the demon would use their soul to create a miniature hell that they can use to store the souls of the dead and create a new form of hellfire for their individual use. This stage will usually make the demon go insane due to memory overload.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

If a demon soldier or civilian is captured by the Revelation. They would be sent to slave camps to serve as slaves and food for the soldiers. The demon residence is well fed and medicated. But if the Revelation needs food or the demon is refusing to follow orders. The demon would be slaughtered for meat.

Average Intelligence

Demons are very intelligent creatures; they have been able to create horrifying constructs with other species because of their memories of the souls they consumed. Demons are often seen in military roles and the art industry, creating monstrous paintings, films, and music. Demons are also known to be very hermit-like life, choosing to be solitary yet will interact when they need to.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Demons will have similar sensory capabilities with the sapient species they gathered its traits from. It is uncommon for a demon to have above-average sensors then the sapient species the demon gathered its attributes from. However, they can be accounted to be physically stronger and more resilient to physical weaponry (firearms, swords, etc).   Demons are able to use their souls to summon things from hell, like breathing hellfire, screams of the dammed, etc. They can use their souls to interact with the physical world, but it isn’t as effective compared to the angels.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

United Galaxy, Imperium, and The Davaga Empire

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Depending on where the demon will speak the language common within the empire. In the United Galaxy, it would be Humanitarian, Davaga would be Kelackin, and Imperium would be Vilamba.


Demons have a similar history as the angels in the sense when the species departed from the United Galaxy in the year 2090AD.  


After the rebellions and the galaxy-wide migration to different empires. Demons and angels are viewed to be the empire’s enemy. The council member Trinigan has a plan to prevent a galaxy-wide genocide on angels and demons. Trinigan made an order called ‘The Bill of Blood’, this bill will give the protection of angels and demons from any negative social and political backlash. However, demons and angels cannot work in the same divisions as any other sapient species, angels and demons cannot be a part of colony missions.  


When demons and angels are accepted into the empire, they can only work in the factories and the military. However, a few months later the workers at the factories complained that the demons are scaring the workers and making them unable to work because of fear. This made the empire give the demons only one-job opportunity, and that is the military.  


When demons became civilians of the empire, Filiare sees a strong opportunity with the demon species. Filiare created a specialise formation within the military, using the demons as a philological weapon against the enemies of the empire.

Historical Figures

  Trinigan, Marcus, Lividev

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Demons are known to have interspecies relationships, but a demon cannot be pregnant or impregnate with any other species. A demon can be pregnant and impregnate a angel, but the chances of a child surviving are slim. The reasons why is unclear, some believe it could be because the souls will contradict each other while others believe it might be because the organs are different from each other.
Scientific Name
70 - 300 years
Average Height
4 - 7 feet tall
Average Weight
60 - 300 kilograms
Average Physique
Demons are usually large and bulky, but it changes depending on their diet and routine. Depending on the traits they have, if they are lazy and are eating an unhealthy diet, they will gain fat. If a demon is active and eating healthy, they will gain muscles.

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