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Document written by: Allison Nedder   Order to obtain the document: [Green}   Content: This document will go through what humans are, how they reproduce, and their biology.
The human race are ambitious about conquering the world. They want the stars for their own, this attitude will soon guide them to ruin if they continue down their path. The species are intitled and will forever be the runt of the galaxy.
— Dova
  Humanity, the creators of a new mighty empire known as the United Galaxy. Humanity is not the strongest or the toughest species known in the galaxy. The species are known to be highly aggressive and violent, picking fights with species that are stronger or weaker than them. Out of bravery or stupidity. Yet they are also known to be strong leaders, adapting and changing in any situation with a group to overcome any challenge.

Basic Information


Humans stand upright with their two legs. They have two arms to aid them in carrying objects and feeding. They have one head with two eyes, a nose, a mouth, and two ears. Their skin and size of a human can change depending on the environment.

Biological Traits

Human males and females are biologically different from each other. Human males are aggressive, natural leaders, and physically stronger than their female counterparts. While human females are more caring, diplomatic, and more communitive than males. While their biologically different to each other, their strength is working together to utilise their natural strengths and lessen their weakness.   Humans also have a natural ability to use magical energy to their advantage. But not all humans are capable of using magical energy due to either planetary reasons or biological.

Genetics and Reproduction

A human female and a human male will have sexual intercourse. The male sperm will fertilise the female egg. The gestation period will last 9 months, after that the child would be born.

Growth Rate & Stages

It will take a human 18 years to be fully developed and mature.

Ecology and Habitats

Humanity is very adaptable, living on any planet regardless of how harsh it is. If the planet is too hostile for the human, they will change ether themselves to adapt or modify the environment to adjust for them.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The species are omnivores. The human race cant’ have their food raw or unclean. So they would boil, cook, or clean it. It’s because they won’t catch a sickness from the food.   The human race usually gets their food from ration stations or a store. If they live on a colony world, they would often hunt and forge their food. The human race is not picky about what the food is, as long if it has the nutrition’s they need.

Biological Cycle

A human will go through five stages in their life. Infant, child, teenager, adult and elder. A human infant stage will last for 6 years. This is when a human child is able to walk and speak its native language. The child stage will continue until the child hits around 12, this is when their brain is developing at a rapid rate that would go to the next stage. The teenage stage happens at 13 and ends at 18 years of age. This is when the human is starting to mature and will become sexually active. At the age of 19, the human is at the adult stage, this is the longest stage. This stage the human is fully developed and has reached their natural peak. The final phase will arrive when the human turns 70, this stage is when the human is naturally slowly deteriorating over time.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

If a human soldier or civilian is captured by the Revelation. They would be sent to slave camps to serve as slaves and food for the soldiers. The human residence is well fed and medicated. But if the Revelation needs food or the human is refusing to follow orders. The human would be slaughtered for meat. Or if they are a female, they will be sent to milking pens to produce milk.

Facial characteristics

Humans have a mouth with lips, a noise, eyes, round ears, eyebrows above their eyes, and hair on their scalps.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Humans being adaptable, are seen in any environment they can set foot on. This advantage made the human race spread rapidly across the stars, making their species challenging to exterminate.

Average Intelligence

Humans are intelligent creatures in the Milky Way Galaxy. Their strength is their critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership makes them stand out compared to some sapient species.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They have an average sense of smell, sight, and hearing. The human's senses are quite weak compared to other species in the Milky Way Galaxy. What gives them have a leg up is their behaviour in groups. In a group their willingness to work together for the benefit of survival, makes them achieve tasks that seem impossible or daunting to the individual. It doesn’t matter what species they are grouping up with, as long the group works together and communicates with each other they will achieve a difficult task.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Average Technological Level

Humans gained a technological leg up when the Imperium invaded. Humanity stole their technology and made themselves hundreds of thousands of years ahead. Making them create spaceships, better armour, and weapons for war.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

The most common language humanity speaks is humanitarian.


Before the Imperium invaded Earth. Humanity has hundreds of different cultures, societies, religions, and myths all around the globe. When The Imperium invaded Earth and failed in the year 2031AD. Humanity abandoned their old cultures and societies for the survival of their species. Humanity will make a colony program to spread amongst the stars, for the one goal, to never face extinction.   When humanity has spread across the stars and created the United Galaxy with other species. They become more isolated in the darkness of space, making them lose their traditional values and cultures. But they all have one common idea and value, the survival of their race.

Historical Figures

Important humans

  Jennifer Abernu, Zatana Abernu, Henderson Abernu, Frank Holden

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Humans are known to have relationships with other sapient species. The most common interspecies relationships are with demons, angels, and Formicdaes.
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Homo sapien
60 - 90 years
Average Height
4 - 6’11 feet tall
Average Weight
40 - 200 kilograms
Average Physique
Humans are usually skinny, but it changes depending on the humans’ diet and routine. If a human is lazy and is eating an unhealthy diet, the human will gain fat. If a human is active and eating healthy foods, they will gain muscles.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Human skin colour change depending on how much UVR (ultraviolet radiation) is on the planet.
Related Ethnicities

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Author's Notes

The first article was deleted, so I try to recreate it with my memory and add a few things to it. If you remember what I put down, or suggestions on how to make the article look better. Don’t be afraid to speak out.

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31 Aug, 2018 10:40

To a human take 21 years to fully grow an fully adult brain and a human grow until the age 25-35 (depend of how we talking about ),but you can say "humans evolved "and will have a bunch of sense (if you need to find a job at 18 an fully grow brain will help you very much, the genetic selection will work in this direction )but this mean that you need to take in consideration the effect of gravity change on the human body ( in 300-400 years of humans living in space our body will start to change very much, bones start to lose their density, all the limbs will have the same size and other things that I don't know, depends of how many years were the humans expose to this conditions )

Elijah T
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