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Document written by: Da Livie and Allison Nedder   Order to obtain the document: [Domino]   Content: This document will go through what angels are, how they reproduce, and their biology.
We are the representation of societies, the shield against the darkness, the bastion of hope. May our wings bring the sun and smite those who oppose our empire.
— Azreal
  Angels are viewed to be holy and pure because of their appearance. But in reality, angels are a species that have memories of the dead to look like purity to the culture the angel is located. They often manipulate others to meet their ends and the know-how to affect the emotions of any individual, yet have troubles emphasising with others.

Basic Information


Angels will have anatomy’s similar to the sapient species that are common on the planet, with wings of some sort attached to the back. The wings will be different depending on the culture's values at the time the child is born.

Biological Traits

Angels will have similar abilities and anatomy to the sapient species they have got their traits from. An angel cannot use magic similarly to any species, so they use their souls as a portal to access the realm of the dead or to make their soul interact with the physical world.

Genetics and Reproduction

An angel female and angel male will have sexual intercourse. The male sperm will fertilise the female egg. The gestation period will last roughly 11 months, during this time the embryo will collect souls of dead sapient species and gathering memories and understanding their cultural values are to see what they view as holy. Depending on the number of sagacious souls in the area the angel will gather traits depending on what’s the most dominate sapient souls are in the area.

Growth Rate & Stages

It takes 20 years for an angel to fully develop and mature.

Ecology and Habitats

Depending on the traits they have, angels can adapt to any environment in the galaxy, but if the characteristics they have prevent them from living in one environment they should avoid it. For example, if an angel has a genetic trait that makes them unable to survive at temperatures below 0 degrees Celcius they would most likely die.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Angels are omnivores, they are capable to eat anything with the nutrition needed for their survival.

Biological Cycle

An angel will go through seven stages throughout their life. Embryo, infant, child, teenager, adult, elder, and Seeker. An angel embryo stage will only last 11 months, during this time the embryo will collect souls of dead sapient species that are common in the area they are in. The fetus will collect the memories of the souls to understand the culture that was once common in the area, once the fetus has a strong understanding of the culture they will develop their anatomy that is similar to the most common sapient soul they collected and develop wings that are viewed positively within the culture. The next stage is infant which will only last 5 years, during this time the angel will begin understanding how to walk and speak its native language. After that is the child stage, this stage will last till they hit 13 years of age, during this time the angel will begin to learn how to fly using their wings. After that is teenager stage which will last till they hit 19 years of age, this is when the angel will begin having memory flashbacks of the souls they collected during their time as an embryo, this is also the stage the angel is sexually active. The next step is the adult stage which will last for 50 years, this stage is when the angel can make their soul as a portal to the realm of the dead and make their soul interact with the physical world. The elder stage is a stage where the angel is fully capable of using their soul to affect the physical world by altering light and gravity itself, this stage will only last for over 500 years. Seeker is a stage when the angel fully remembers the memories of the souls it gathered, the angel would use their soul to manipulate the realm of the dead to control the flow of magic. Typically this stage would make the angel go insane by having a memory overload.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

If an angel soldier or civilian is captured by the Revelation. They would be sent to slave camps to serve as slaves and food for the soldiers. The angel residence is well fed and medicated. But if the Revelation needs food or the angel is refusing to follow orders. The angel would be slaughtered for meat.

Average Intelligence

Angels are very intelligent creatures, they have been able to create beautiful constructs with other species because of their memories of the souls they consumed. Angels are often seen in leadership roles, angels are known to be very expiring and wise compared to the other races but they can be viewed as arrogant at times.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Angels will have similar sensory capabilities with the sapient species they gathered its traits from. While it is common for an angel to have more acute sensors then the sapient species the angel gathered its attributes from.   Angels are able to use their soul as a portal to the realm of the dead making giving them the ability to conjure basic forms of magic. They are also known to use their souls to interact with the physical world, like healing light wounds, summon beams of energy, etc.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

United Galaxy, Imperium, and The Davaga Empire

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Depending on where the angel will speak the language common within the empire. In the United Galaxy, it would be Humanitarian, Davaga would be Kelackin, and Imperium would be Vilamba.



Angels are discovered on Earth originally, angels use to be viewed as ordinary civilians, so they have access to normal jobs without being in any subdivision. In the year 2090AD angels that are born in once occupied Imperium and Davaga planets rebel against the empire to reunited with the empires they associated with. At times there were violent rebellions, but they are easily defeated by the United Galaxy's surpriser military, so the angels snuck away in personal ships to reunite with their empire. Because of this, the United Galaxy prevent angels and demons to breed in once Davaga and Imperium planets. New laws have passed that make angels and demons unable to work in the same divisions as other sapient species in the galaxy, for fear and lack of understanding of the angel and demons species because of the slight chance they might have a memory and reasoning of a serial killer.   In the year 2078AD, an angel by the name of Azreal convinced the planet Impra to become independent from the empire. Empress Jenifer Abernu told Azreal that doing so will be an act of war, and will be an end to her rule. Azreal challengers Jenifer Abernu to a duel for the planet's independence, if she wins the planet will be free from United Galaxy rule, if she loses the planet will be forever under United Galaxy, and she would be executed by Jenifer herself. Jenifer accepted the offer and battled against her, after an hour of fighting Azreal came out on top and spared Jenifer Abernu for fear that her hair will take revenge and invade the planet with a full military force. Jenifer followed her promised and made the planet Impra independent, but they would not have any trade deals or protection from the empire unless they agree to become apart of the empire again.  


When a wave of angels and demons arrived at Imperium planets in 32381UC the Imperium thought it was an attack from the United Galaxy, until they found out they don’t have the same equipment as the Templar Armed Forces. The Imperium military questioned the refugees, and they found out they are extremely loyal to the empire, because of this the Imperium accepted the angels and demons into their empire with the only job opportunity being factory workers or military personnel.  


When angel and demon hordes march to Davaga planets they were attacked until surrender. Once the first wave refugees surrendered they search the ships and found extremely loyal angels and demons of the Davaga Empire with existing knowledge of the Davagen religion. When the message was sent they are extremely loyal servants to the empire they are sent to emperor Filiare to decide if the species belongs in the empire. In the year 9000GE, the angels and demons are accepted into the empire with equal opportunity, but they are strongly advised to be leaders of the empire’s churches.

Historical Figures

  Azreal (Lady Justice), Joshua, Elisa.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Angels are known to have interspecies relationships, but an angel cannot be pregnant or impregnate any other species. An angel can be pregnant with a demon, but the chances of a child surviving are slim and small. The reasons why is unclear, some believe it could be because the souls will contradict each other while others believe it might be because the organs are different from each other.
Scientific Name
70 - 300 years
Average Height
4 - 7 feet tall
Average Weight
60 - 300 kilograms
Average Length
2 - 5 meter wingspan
Average Physique
Angels are usually skinny, but it changes depending on their diet and routine. Depending on the traits they have, if they are lazy and are eating an unhealthy diet, they will gain fat. If an angel is active and eating healthy, they will gain muscles.

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18 Nov, 2018 15:12

An interesting concept for taking angels and putting them presumably in a sci-fi setting! I could imagine this creates a lot of unique looking angels types. I do feel like some of the details can be a bit unneeded (like a male and female having sexual intercourse can just be that they reproduce like their parent species). Though that's also the question: If they gather souls of sapient species, is this lethal like they are literally a living eater of souls and can kill an entire town during pregnancy, or something less extreme?   Also I feel like the biological cycle fits moreso in the growth stages than with cycles, since it seems more like stages of life than a cycle it goes through.

My worlds are 2% actual important story, 98% dumb facts I make up on the spot.
Elijah T
Elijah Talbot
19 Nov, 2018 07:14

I appreciate your feedback, to answer your question I was meant to say the embryo collects souls of dead sapient species. To the details of the intercourse part, I left it there because some sapient species don’t have an egg or a sperm or don’t have any specific gender. There are female and male angels they just have similar anatomy.   I see your point about the biological cycle and growth stages. I interpretation growth stages is when the individual becomes mature biologically while the biological cycle is more of a cycle the species go through, born, live, breed, die, repeat.

R3negade X
R3negade X
21 Nov, 2018 00:00

I like the direction you went with this, making something that's traditionally seen as good and twisting it on its head. Barring a few spelling mistakes, is it really necessary to mention that intercourse happens? Even if it's not assumed, it just feel out of place to medically describe it.

21 Nov, 2018 22:00

A species acquiring the traits of other species, looks cool! I'd reconsider writing the excerpt as it is, however, because you write that they are known to be both pure and manipulative, which, well, doesn't look too good together. Perhaps write "They often manipulate others, for selfless or selfish means, and know how to affect the emotions of any individual, yet have troubles emphasizing with others." or something.   Also, have the angels ever been persecuted for being "not like everyone else"? I mean, people rarely like the minorities, and some cultures might not like the wings too much which you can't change even if you know their culture. And what if the sapient species' anatomy doesn't allow for the wings, for example having a shell on your back like a tortle?   Finally, how strong are the angels' magic powers? They seem to be really strong, manipulating gravitation and so on, yet the angels were threatened by the conventional military forces. I'm really interested to hear your answers, and good job! The picture is very nice.

Elijah T
Elijah Talbot
22 Nov, 2018 05:19

What I mean by the pure part is how societies view them because of their appearance. I do see what you mean and would change some problems in my part.   To answer your question about angels being persecuted, which does happen depending on the empire and the planet within that empire. For example, the Imperium would accept angels but they can only join the military, and some planets will only allow them to be a part of cannon fodder battalions. But angels would still look pure and would be unlikely that they will go through that.   For the angels and wings, an angel will always have wings, but the look of said wings would be different depending on the culture they are born in. For example, if a culture believes metal is the sign of purity, the angel would be born with wings that looks more metallic then organic. The same will apply with shells, the wings would look more like a turtle shell but can still be used as wings.   Angel magical powers are strong, but they aren’t powerful compared to actual magic and void powers. That’s because angels are using their souls to manipulate the physical world. I will go into details about their powers in future articles. Now for being threatened by conventional military forces is normal in the world. While angels are tough creatures, they aren’t immortal from conventional weapons.

DoodleSM Benjamin Paris
21 Nov, 2018 22:55

How my rating works: I give 6 points free if you have put in effort into the article. Each point after 6 is exponentially harder to get.   Format 6/10 Writing 6/10 Usage of Template 7/10   What I like: Angels aren't only humans in this setting which is a good take on the angels we usually see in sci fi/fantasy. The angels aren't exclusive to one faction so thats pretty unique!   What I think can be improved: The spelling and minor corrections.   Comments: Nice article overall, good depth.