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United Galaxy Empress/Emperor

Document written by: Damran Poliva   Order to obtain the document: [Green]   Content: This document will cover the role and purpose of the Empress/Emperor within the United Galaxy.
  The title of emperor/empress in the United Galaxy is viewed as a position of great power. Where no law or God can touch the one in power.   Their job is to rule the empire; however, they please, even if it’s immoral.


To be the empress or emperor of the galaxy one must either be in the bloodline. Or challenge the ruler in one on one combat to the death. However, they are typically masters of combat.


Once someone is elected as ruler of the empire. Earth will have a military parade to celebrate the day the ruler is in power. Other planets will have the same parade immediately when the message arrives.


The ruler must defend the interest of the empire and to make sure all species of the empire are equally represented. They will also command the powerful military of the Templar Armed Forces to fight the enemies from within and outside of the borders.


The ruler must protect the empire and create laws to strengthen its borders. No matter the cost, they shall make sure the military and political strength of the empire will forever continue till the end of time.


The ruler will have the resources, military, and political power of the whole empire.

Accoutrements & Equipment

If the ruler is in battle, they will wield the most advanced power armour and weapons that will rival the galaxies finest weaponry.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

If they are challenged to mortal combat and lost. The title will be dropped from them forever and will be given to the challenger. But overall the title is with them for life. However, challenges the emperor/empress of the empire will often loose since they are the masters of combat and artist of war.


After the Imperium tried to invade Earth. The title was quickly made to unified humanity if a war happens again. The title would be used to make laws with a council to strengthen the empire and its power.

Cultural Significance

The title is viewed with the highest respect and loyalty.

Notable Holders

There are currently only two holders of the title.   Empress Jennifer Abernu. (2032 - 2097)   Empress Zatana Abernu. (2097- Continued)

Nobility, Honorific / Ceremonial
The status of this role is still in effect.
The creation of the title was created by Jennifer Abernu after the Imperium Empire invaded Earth.
Alternative Naming
High lord, Empress, Emperor, United Ruler
Length of Term
From life till death
Current Holders
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3 Sep, 2018 12:44

Anyone can challenge the ruler? Even an man how has condemned to deat? The challenge need to by an fight, I will challenge the emporer at an tennis match that will continue until one of us die. If I will make am bad thing and I will be sentence to deat I will challenge the emperor to a tennis match to dead, if I win I will became the empire ruler and if I don't I already was going to be kill so I don't have anything to lose

@ Elijah T
Elijah Talbot
3 Sep, 2018 13:43

The ruler can decline the battle. Or they will make the challenger (in this case you) fight an elite to challenge you in the name of the empress. There is cases the empress just hires hit men to kill the challenge so they don’t have to bother with fighting them.

3 Sep, 2018 19:58

What? So only the emporer can challenge someone for his OWN title? I think I don't understand

@ Elijah T
Elijah Talbot
3 Sep, 2018 23:35

No anyone can challenge for the title. But the emperor/empress can just get someone to kill you so they don’t have to deal with you, or they can just ignore and decline the challenge.

4 Sep, 2018 11:47