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Empress Zatana Abernu

Empress of the United Galaxy Zatana Hellen Abernu (a.k.a. Lord of the United Banner, Zat, Empress, her highness)

Zatana Abernu is the second ruler of the United Galaxy, following the footsteps of her mother Jennifer Abernu. Zatana is known to be cold and harsh to anyone under her rule. Zatana will do anything and everything for the survival of the United Galaxy. Even if it cost her friends and family.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

She’s fit and in good condition.

Body Features

She looks young and beautiful, even though she’s unnaturally old for her species.

Facial Features

She has long black hair and white skin. She makes herself look beautiful to everyone she meets. Wearing makeup and eyeliner to complement her beauty.

Physical quirks

She’s right-handed. Her regular walk pattern is both powerful and friendly. But when she’s angry or frustrated her walking pattern would look more violent and aggressive.

Special abilities

Unable to age.

Apparel & Accessories

She prefers to look powerful to those who see her. Wearing dresses of gold and white with the Templar symbol on the top right of the dress. The dress shows everyone the power she wields.

Specialized Equipment

Zatana has access to every resource the empire has. But she usually wears a dress of gold and white when presenting herself to others. But when push goes to shove, she will wear power armour with a jetpack attachment. She will also wield a Kilian rifle with a bayonet attachment.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Zatana's life was rigorous in her early years. Her mother would run the family like a military, teaching her and her sibling's discipline and combat at a very young age. Zatana would be taught at the best schools the empire could provide, making her learn important history, maths, philosophy, and literature. When she became Sixteen, she became an accountant for a local factory to make herself money.   For a while, that would be her job. She never felt or dreamed of being a ruler of a galactic empire. When her mother died on Armageddon against The Hive in the year 2097AD. Zatana quickly became ruler of the United Galaxy.   Zatana would then study Military combat and strategies to command her military to fight in the Border War. She started rough leading the military, but over time she became a professional in running the empire's armed forces.   Zatana would then make peace with the Imperium and Davaga Empire, to wipe out the Hive threat in the year 2180AD. The peace would end when the Revolution attacked, making the empires declaring war on each other once again. Zatana became angry that the empires would choose to save their skins, then fight the new threat together. She would then fight against every empire without mercy or the option of peace.


Zatana’s education profile

  School of fine arts and literature: Studied philosophy, literature, and art in her early years.   Military training: Learned to defend herself, and how to command an army.


She was an accountant at the age of sixteen. When she became 51 she then became the second ruler of the United Galaxy.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Zatana is currently the only ruler that brought peace to the other empires. Even though the peace ended quickly. She would be the only galactic ruler that brought peace with the two most powerful empires.   The other achievements she has is winning her first battle. After her defeat over the planet Bergersen. Her reputation with the council and High Generals have been declining, with lots of them doubting her leadership. Zatana promises them that she would take over a planet in the Imperium system in three weeks with only five ships and 30,000 men. She agrees to step down from power if she loses the battle. The council agrees and would step back and watch the battle. She notices her past mistakes in the last battle, seeing that the enhanced humans should not be used as powerful grunts, but to be used as powerful elites. She found a planet that their ships leave for three weeks at a time when the ships left she deployed the enhanced humans on the planet to destroy their planetary defence systems. After the planets defence systems are down, the spaceships will appear over the planet, and threatens them to surrender, or face extermination. The planet agrees to surrender, but for them to leave the planet. Zatana agrees to let the residents leave the planet peacefully. But when they left the planet in their ships, Zatana ordered her men to fire upon the defenceless shuttles, killing everyone on board. When the spaceships returned they were quickly ambushed and destroyed. After the battle she regained her respect from the council and High Generals..

Failures & Embarrassments

When she finished studying military strategies, she told the council she would conduct a military campaign on the planet Bergersen in the eastern Hive system. With a new species fighting the battle, the enhanced humans.   She gave the soldiers the best weapons and equipment money could buy. She uses only 20 spaceships to escort the soldiers to the planet. When her army arrived they were attacked by the Hive Sporgs as expected. The ships easily destroyed the Sporgs with no problems, when the troops landed on the planet. The Hive warrior class easily swarmed the soldiers and killed them all. The ships were also surrounded by Hive Sporgs. Everyone that was involved in the campaign has died by Zatana’s command. Zatana quickly destroyed any record relating to that battle.

Mental Trauma

Zatana is very aggressive and violent. She is also is known to be a sex addict. Trying to seduce anyone she finds attractive.

Intellectual Characteristics

Zatana is known to be logical and philosophical. She is very cunning and brutal when it comes to making hard decisions.

Morality & Philosophy

Being the ruler of a galactic empire, she views anyone below her to be nothing but a pawn. Zatana believes without her the empire, and the people will fall to chaos and darkness.   If anyone challenges her command or undermines her rule, she would kill them on the spot without hesitation even if they challenged her to a duel to the death.


Zatana believes everyone who is lazy or doing nothing for the empire, are nothing more than a waste of space. Being active and doing things greater for the empire to her is better than nothing.

Personality Characteristics


Her dream is to rule the galaxy under the United Galaxy, no matter the cost. Even if it cost the lives of close loved ones and friends. She will do anything to achieve ruling the world with an iron fist.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Zatana is extremely good at working under pressure and keeping everyone on track if the situation is difficult.

Likes & Dislikes


Anyone that follows her rule without any complaints.  


Anyone who challenges her rule, or questions her leadership.

Virtues & Personality perks

She’s patient and reliable to those who need her help. She is a natural leader and is willing to get a dirty job done by herself.

Vices & Personality flaws

Easily angered and cold-hearted around others. She never cares for anyone, since she views them as below her. Making negotiations going nowhere or making them become the enemy.

Personality Quirks

She taps her head when frustrated.


She keeps herself clean and hygienic. But is not afraid to get dirty when needed to.


Family Ties


Jackson Abernu and Hellen Abernu  


Jeniffer Abernu and Carl Bryan  


Henderson Abernu

Religious Views

Zatana doesn’t believe in any religion. But she understands its use and effects on people. She would use religion to her advantage to create propaganda to make the population loyal to the empire.

Social Aptitude

Zatana is charismatic and confident when talking to crowds. She would often create speeches that would make the audience riled up against the United Galaxy's enemies.


When speaking to someone, Zatana would make herself look dominant. By straightening her posture, and to make herself look serious. Regardless of the situation.

Hobbies & Pets

In her free time Zatana would listen to classical music of old Earth cultures while writing poems.


When she’s frustrated she would mumble to herself.   If Zatana hears bad news that doesn’t concern her. She would usually reply with “What a shame.” Meaning she doesn’t care about the news.


Bunker Buster

employee (Trivial)

Towards Empress Zatana Abernu



Empress Zatana Abernu

Ruler (Important)

Towards Bunker Buster




Bunker Buster knows Zatana’s mother. He views her mother as a tyrant and cruel, yet respects her and understands her methods and motivation. When Bunker Buster met Zatana she only sees the dark side of her mother, not holding her strengths but her flaws. But he sees she has potential to be as good as her mother.   Zatana views Bunker Buster as a war hero. Fighting and protecting the United Galaxy. She always respects him and will usually seek advice knowledge about her mother from Bunker Buster.

Relationship Reasoning

Bunker Buster is an employee of Zatana. Yet Zatana see’s Bunker Buster as an important figure in her life. If she wants to know more about her mother she would go to him to find out more about her.

Commonalities & Shared Interests

Zatana and Bunker Buster wants the United Galaxy to succeed and concur the galaxy.

Shared Acquaintances

They both have knowledge on military history and strategies. Often they would challenge each other to a game of chest to test their abilities.

Wealth & Financial state

Zatana owns everything in the United Galaxy have. The planets, the economy, everything.

Current Location
Human Earthling
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Empress of the United Galaxy, Lord of the United Banner
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Zatana is bisexual. She would mostly go for the hottest men. But if she wants to experiment she would go for the most beautiful women, regardless of the species.
Light blue
Long black
6 feet tall
63 kilograms
Quotes & Catchphrases
“A ruler of an empire never makes peace to a destructive enemy. That is a mistake I made long ago.”
Aligned Organization
United Galaxy
Known Languages
Zatana has knowledge on how to speak and understand all of the most commonly spoken languages in the United Galaxy. She is the most fluent speaking humanitarian.

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