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The Hive

Document written by: Kevin Handerson   Order to obtain the document: [Green]   Content: This document will cover the Hive, its history, and what it represents to the other empires.


  Calling this "empire" the Hive is just a simplification of what it really is. They do not have a hive mind or a hierarchy of any kind. Instead, they are a group of species from a different galaxy with the same goal in mind, to create a new home. The Hive will fight for any planet to call home, no matter the cost.  

Amount of concurred planets and warriors

Planets under the Hive’s rule:
Roughly 700 million.

Amount of warriors



  The Hive is extremely adaptable and masters of genetic manipulation. They can set foot on any planet and change it to suit them. They will evolve members of the warrior class instantly to fight effectively in battle. The warrior class is limitless and vast. If the warrior class sets foot on a planet, it is difficult to remove them because of their spontaneous breeding and rapid mutations.   The Hive does not have any internal struggles that will make itself fall apart. They don’t have beliefs about governments or technology. They all have a common motive to spread their ecosystem for their survival. This means they will not betray each other for individual motivation.


  Having no technology gives the Hive a massive disadvantage. The Hive is unable to communicate with each other from long distances. Because of this, it is common for other Hive swarm fleets to invade already concurred Hive planets accidentally. It is prevalent that the Hive sporgs are easily killed during space combat by other empires because of the lack of weaponry and strategy, often ending a Hive invasion.   The Hive is overly reliant on the ecosystem class, meaning if the class falls, the Hive falls. A tactile biochemical attack on the ecosystem class can cripple or even destroy the Hive on the planet. Because the ecosystem class are the only ones creating the environment, growing food, and maintaining the species breeding habits. A fall to the class will disrupt the whole process and make the Hive go into chaos. If the Hive does not have a better system to replace the ecosystem class, it will be the Hive’s eventual downfall.


The Hive is a group of species that works together to create an ecosystem. The Hive doesn’t have any signs of a culture, but they have a system of organisation. If a species is hardened, violent, and highly aggressive, they would be a part of the warrior class. While the weaker species will be part of the ecosystem class to create environments for the Hive.   The Hive warrior class and ecosystem class have a set role and duty. The warrior class role is to defend the ecosystem class and take over planets for the ecosystem class. The ecosystem class role is to create an environment that can support life for the Hive.

Public Agenda

Their goal is to survive by any means necessary. After they left their galaxy known as Triangulum, the Hive is motivated for the survival of their species and ecosystem. Anything that is a threat to the Hive and its ecosystem will forever be their enemy.


The Hive’s biggest asset is its ecosystem class. They are able to terraform any environment regardless of how harsh and incapable of supporting life.


The information about the Hive is collected from other empires and rough estimations.
The Hive is believed to be formed during that time in the Triangulum galaxy. It is estimated that the Hive has over 300 different species within its ecosystem. The Hive would have genetically engineered creatures to survive and fly through space known as sporgs.  
The galaxy Triangulum is believed to be fully populated by the Hive.  
A catastrophic event happened in the Triangulum Galaxy that forced the Hive to leave their home Galaxy. It is estimated that over 2 sextillion sporgs have left the Triangulum galaxy. Each having over a billion Hive creatures in them.  
It is believed the Hive has Discovered warp speeds using magic. Making travels to find a new home easier and faster.  
The Hive has entered the Milky Way Galaxy. During that time only 700 million sporgs have entered the Milky Way Galaxy. Their sudden introduction made the Hive take over United Galaxy and Imperium planets without any problems.  
A super sporg called Super Devourer that is the size of Jupiter has entered the Milky Way Galaxy. It is now luckily stuck in the star called Acadia gravitational pull and now orbits around it. It is believed the Super Devourer can destroy a planet by smacking it with one of its massive tentacles.  
The Hive invaded the planet Armageddon, killing the United Galaxy's Empress Jeniffer Abernu during one of the battles. The Hive alimentally lost the war for Armageddon, but they temporarily damaged the command structure of the United Galaxy.  
Another 8 million Hive sporgs have entered the Milky Way Galaxy. It is estimated to have over 300 super sporgs that are attached to the horde. Only to be destroyed by a small United Galaxy star fleet. Having over two Devastator Liberators, 5 Fireflys battlecruisers, and 2 Fear bringer liberator. Led by Fleet lieutenant Henderson Abernu.  
The United Galaxy attacked the planet Bergersen with the new army specifically made of Enhanced Humans to see if they are fit for the boarder war. The battle was a disaster for the United Galaxy, making the Enhanced Humans fought and lost their first battle.  
The United Galaxy and Imperium made a truths. They guided the Hive fleets which has an estimated 300 million sporgs and re-located them at the west side of the Milky Way Galaxy to attack the Davaga Empire, making them spread their forces and supplies to fight the Hive.  
The three significant empires declared peace with one another. This peace is to try to eradicate the Hive in the Milky Way Galaxy. The Hive at the east side of the galaxy, fearing for their lives retreated to the outer parts of the Milky Way Galaxy. While at the west the Hive had planned ahead and created a new species of sporg specially designed to destroy stars, making a Hive invasion slow and costly.  
The Revelation Empire is formed out of nowhere. The empire ignored the Hive and left them alone during the sneak attack. The Hive will attack the Revelation because they are seen as a significant threat to the Hive ecosystem.  
A small Hive fleet was spotted with the individual called Xi. A Hive God that successfully took over a planet called V’Jara in the Revelation system. He later disappeared after going through warp speeds and is unknown where he might be.

Demography and Population

The Hive’s population cannot be counted, because there are over 3 billion different species from each class. But we can make an estimate of the class population.   65% Warrior class.   35% ecosystem class.


The Hive has a small bit of the lower rim and resource space. The Hive would terraform the planets to become inhabitable. Giving the advantage of rapid colonisation of uninhabited planets.


Warrior class.

Technological Level

The Hive has no technology within their empire, but they know how to use magic to change DNA to create a new species for their ecosystem. They would also have a species that would control the breading of the Hive to build a stronger member of that species. The Hive are masters of genetic manipulation, creating horrors or wonders that benefit the Hive and their ecosystem.

Agriculture & Industry

The Hive is very agricultural, growing and breeding everything for the benefit of the ecosystem. The Hive will control and forcefully evolve anything the Hive believe will benefit them.


The Hive has no form of education. The Hive use their basic animal-like instincts to make decisions. The Hive is smart enough to work with different species to create an ecosystem to support them and other species. But once the ecosystem is completed, the species will go back being animal-like and refused to help each other until the ecosystem is threatened.


The Hive will create an ecosystem that would support any form of life within the galaxy. By creating luxurious jungles, humid swamps, etc. The Hive will turn any planet no matter how hostile the planet is into a more balanced ecosystem. Once the Hive is finished terraforming the planet, they will create a tower of flesh and bone that will birth sporgs to take the Hive to different planets to terraform and start the cycle again.

  A theme song of the Hive.
Alternative Names
Leaderless horde, outside invaders, creatures from Triangulum.
Training Level
Veterancy Level

At war.

The Hive and the United Galaxy are currently fighting in the east side of the galaxy.

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23 Sep, 2018 20:31

So...the news this days?

1 Oct, 2018 07:11

I don’t disagree.

7 Nov, 2018 23:01

I find the concept interesting, and I like the idea of a race that goes from planet to planet, adapting themselves to advance their empire, but I do have one question: if they have no technology, how do they get to other planets?

8 Nov, 2018 02:54

The hive created a species known as the Sporg, a Sporg is a giant monster able to survive space and travel through it. I will do an article about the creature in the near future.

11 Nov, 2018 01:58

Interesting article. You have a cool amount of things present, supermassive creatures, scary empires and drastically long spans of time for your timeline. XD   However, it's that timeline I like the most! I love timelines and looking at them and think it would be cool if you could turn that into an associated timeline for this article! It would look really cool and format a bit better! However, it's still a really neat timeline and article!   Big point here, if the Sporgs are capable of growing to the size of stars, what purpose is there in landing on/terraforming planets at all? Surely the biosphere can be consumed for any needed resources and young sporgs can be created from special cradles on the massive sporgs?   Sporgs seem like a much better environment for growth and expansion. :D

11 Nov, 2018 04:55

To address your main point the sporg can be used to create a local ecosystem within itself. But there is a problem since it is constantly moving away from stars the plant life would have a difficult time to survive and reproduce, while there is a way to preserve them, it’s only a matter of time when the plant life will die out and damage the ecosystem, the hive can survive in these giant creatures, it’s just living in them is uncomfortable. Sporgs are also mortal creatures, while it is true they can live for a long time, it’s only a matter of time when they will pass by illness or combat. The other problem the sprogs have is the creature itself because the hive species can only live in certain parts of the creature to survive like the stomach and the brain. I will go into depth on the sprog on how it lives in the near future, but I hope it answers your question.