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Temple of heroes

Document written by: J’val Qinivar   Order to obtain the document: [Green]   Content: This document will cover one of the most powerful fortresses in the galaxy and how it serves the empire.
A real beauty, look how the names of our fallen heroes are forever engraved in the temple's mighty halls. Look how the people of the empire walk past its guns and defences with pride and a sense of security. Look how the soldiers and defenders of the temple march through the crowd with the finest weaponry the empire have to offer. All this to show our enemies that if the temple stands the United Galaxy will fight on.
  The temple of heroes is a giant building that is over 900 meters tall and has a volume of 500 million m3. The temple was originally built to honour heroes and legends of the United Galaxy. Now it is a planetary fortress, designed to take any blow and withstand and siege weaponry. The building is built in the middle of the dried up Pacific Ocean.   The temple have names of trillions of soldiers that fought battles for the United Galaxy. The temple will become the galaxy’s most expensive building ever constructed. The building is also used to motivate the civilian population to be a part of the Templar Armed Forces and fight for the greater good and defends the empire's borders from other factions. The temple will glorify war, and making war an adventure to show the civilians that the United Galaxy will forever come out on top.   The temple does not follow any religion. However, it accepts any religious groups to preach their religion in the temple. The temple has shrines to every god and religion that are recognised in the United Galaxy. When a new religion is recognised, their shrine will be placed in the temple.

Purpose / Function

The building was originally made to honour the men and women that fought the Imperium when Earth was invaded. Over time the building became a fortress, and a defence station in case enemy spaceships have taken control of Earth's space. Desgined to withstand any siege equipment and planet killing weapons.   The temples do not follow any religion in the galaxy, but religious organisations would use the temple to build their mythologies or to make their belief revolve around the heroes of the empire. By immortalising unknown soldiers and turning them into legends that shaps the tide of war and making them saviours of the empires civilians.


When the building finished completion in the year 2053AD. It is made as a memorial ground for soldiers that fought a war against the Imperium. Each side of the tomb represents the old cultures of Earth. With paintings, sculptures, and plastic moulds of plants that use to be on the planet. The temples walls will later add mighty guns recovered from old spaceships with carvings of mighty battles it took part in. Defence stations will be placed for infantry personnel to take point and hold the line to defend the temple.


The temple uses traditional architecture of old cultures of Earth. The west side uses western architecture, the east side uses eastern architectural, the south uses African architecture; the north side uses Oceania architecture. In the inside, the building blends the architectures together to create the inner halls of the temple. On the sides of the halls, have the names and ranks of individual soldiers that fought for the empire. At the east side of the building is where the hospital, farms, a school, and a hotel is located. The west and north side is where the hanger bay, military barracks, artillery bays, gun post, anti-space ship guns, an airstrip, and a hanger bay to store weapons and supplies. In the centre of the building is a museum, which tells the history of the United Galaxy.


The temple started construction in the year 2046AD. With the assistance of alien technology and magic to construct the mighty temple. Shrines of religious figures are added to the temple.   The temple is completed in the year 2053AD. The temple would also be used as a museum to show Earths mightiest heroes and legends.   In 2057AD, it is decided that the temple would also serve as a fortress. Later adding barracks for the soldiers, gun post, anti-spaceship weaponry, an airstrip, a hospital, artillery bay, and a hanger bay to store weapons and supplies.   In 2134AD, the fortress is finished, everything that is planned to be added is added. The temple will still be used for the public as a memorial and a hospital. While the military will use it as a base and a training facility.   In 2137AD, the temple will add a school, farms, and a hotel. Because the planetary government want to make, the temple has multiple uses for military and civilian. In case Earth was going to get destroyed.

Alternative Names
Tomb of legends, Heroes grave, Fort Hero
Parent Location
Included Locations
Owning Organization
United Galaxy

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Author's Notes

Written for the lighting challenge #30

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29 Aug, 2018 19:33

It's kind of awkward that you swap between past and future all the time. In my opinion, a world should be written from a "now" standpoint, and future events should be written as uncertain - just like real life future. If you want to make future events more certain on your timeline, consider pushing your universe's "now" a few centuries to the future.