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Human Earthling

The humans on Earth compared to other humans in the galaxy. They are highly educated and have a strong grasp of leadership and technology. However, the humans on Earth are unlikely to use magical energy, but they are able to create technology that would harvest the magical energy to power the planet.   The humans have a slight immunity to the toxic smog that is all over Earth. The human's skin have a lighter brown colour. Deformities are common in the lower parts of the mega city, with mutations like a third arm or having one eye.


Major language groups and dialects

The most common language spoken is humanitarian.

Shared customary codes and values

The humans on Earth highly believe in equality for all, regardless of gender or species. The humans on Earth cherish diversity of species, since they believe it will advance the civilisation, and the empire will truly be united.

Average technological level

The humans of Earth have the highest levels of magical technology, making them have free energy. The humans on Earth have all of the most advanced levels of technology the galaxy has to offer, with the range of different technologies they try to replicate or find flaws in them to make them better.

Common Etiquette rules

It is acceptable to be open-minded and eager to take criticism when it is called for. It is disrespectful if a person just gives the other person negative feedback without methods of improving themselves. Discrimination of a species or gender is seen as an attack of the civilisation itself, anyone caught doing the act will be chastised.

Common Dress code

human males must wear suits when attending important events, while the females must wear dresses.

Art & Architecture

The humans on Earth loosely base their art and architecture on their old societies, but modernising with other species art styles and architecture. It also depends on location, for example eastern parts of Earth will have a more eastern art style.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

Often a new born child would be baptised. The humans on Earth see this as a sign of good luck and wellbeing for the child. It doesn't matter what methods of baptism is used, since it would be different depending on the religion.

Funerary and Memorial customs

There is no room to bury the dead, the humans would cremate the dead to make room for themselves and others.

Common Taboos

Discrimination, giving only negative criticism and talking bad about the planet and the empire in any way is frowned upon. This behaviour to the humans on Earth is often chastised. If they continue doing it, the public will publicly execute the person.


Beauty Ideals

The idea of beauty among humans on Earth, is they must be hygienic and wearing the best clothing they have. It is attractive for a human to be fit and have smooth skin, having scars or anything that makes the skin look unnatural. Will be viewed unattractive and undesirable.

Relationship Ideals

When two human partners are in a relationship. It is very common for one to do the work outside of the house to get money, while the other stays home and cleans the house and prepares the meals.

Major organizations

Encompassed species
Related Organizations
Significant presence in

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Author's Notes

I don’t have a strong understanding on how to make ethnicity more detailed. If you have any suggestions on how to make, it will help a lot.

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