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Bunker Buster

Council Member Bunker Buster (a.k.a. BB)

Bunker Buster is the United Galaxy's first Mecca. He rules the planet Sithours under communist rule. Bunker Buster is a well-known military leader, concurring planets with little to no effort. However, the metal giant is caring and fair and saddened for the death of his friend.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Bunker Buster looks humanoid. He looks bulky with white plates all over his body.

Body Features

Bunker Buster looks humanoid, looking huge and bulky with white plating. He has a red hammer and sickle on the top left of his chest. He looks smooth and clean, but his hands have hundreds of scratches and markings.

Facial Features

His face looks smooth and flat. He has a thin red visor that stretches from ear to ear. He also has a red kit hand print that covers the left side of his face. On the sides of his head are small microphones with white plating over them. He also has a speaker at his throat.

Physical quirks

Bunker Buster doesn’t have dominated hand. He sits and stands up straight. He never makes himself look aggressive or dominant, but more peaceful and friendly.

Specialized Equipment

He has a 20mm mini-gun on each arm, each having over six thousands rounds. Two short barrel heavy beam cannons each located on the shoulders, having over 100 charges, and four AGHM-500 rockets stored in his back.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Bunker Buster is built by an old Earth country called Russia. He was originally made as a humanoid battle drone. Designed to take out infantry and heavy vehicles. Bunker Buster would travel around fighting in small combat operations to test his capabilities. During his time in these operations, he was exposed to human emotions during war. Bunker Buster will try to replicate these emotions and study what they mean. In 1969AD the drone was ordered to kill an unarmed Israeli family. Bunker Buster saw the evil in the order and refuses the order, deciding to kill his commanders to save the family.   During his time in ██████████ he would protect Humanity from ███████████████████████████████████. During his time in the ██████████ he would fall in love with Nickle. A kit that would ██████████████. During the invasion of Earth, Nickle would die from a spider tank. Enraged Bunker Buster promised to forever go to war against the Imperium till one or the other dies.   After the war for Earth Bunker Buster supports Jenifer Abernu in ruling Humanity with an iron fist and go to war against the Imperium. In 2045AD Bunker Buster would become the first High General. Bunker Buster would concur planets by the dozens using the post potent stradagies. In 2060AD he would step down to become a council member that would represent the Mecca species. Believing that isn't what have Nickle would've wanted.   In the year 2062AD Bunker Buster became the planetary ruler of the planet Sithours. Bunker Buster would run the planet as a communist state, turning the world into a factory to produce weapons, vehicles, ammo, and robots for the United Galaxy military.


Bunker Buster knows everything about warfare. From weapons, vehicles, and strategies used by every empire.


When Bunker Buster was made as an anti-armoured and infantry land drone. When he became sentient he would join the ██████████ to be the team's main tank. In the year 2045AD he would become the first High General, concurring planets with little to no effort. When the United Galaxy was formed in 2060AD Bunker Buster stepped down and became the council member to represent the Mecca race.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Bunker Buster has hundreds of achievements and accomplishments. But the most important achievement to him was falling in love. During his time in the ██████████ he didn’t understand nor is capable of falling in love. He thought love is just a human thing, and didn’t think it’s possible for a mecca being in love. When Nickle met Bunker Buster, she would be interested in his guns and bullets. Bunker Buster being annoyed that she keeps stealing his ammunition because they are shiny. But when she isn’t stealing bullets from Bunker Buster she would play board games and teach him about the Kit religions and how to worship their gods. Bunker Buster would understand spirituality and the Kit traditions and later love from Nickels teachings. When Bunker Buster understands the basics of love he felt confused and scared about this new discovery, believing it must be him malfunctioning. But when he figures out what the feeling is, he will never leave Nickle behind and harmed by anyone and anything.

Failures & Embarrassments

During the battle for Earth in the year 2030AD, Bunker Buster and Nickle are deployed in Russia to defend Moscow from Imperium forces in taking the city and establishing communications with the Imperium Empire. At night an Imperium infantry solder attacked Bunker Buster from behind, when he turned around he gunned down the wall that is behind him. When he checked what he killed, he was blasted by a spider tank, knocking him to the ground and damaging his weapon systems. The spider tank charges its laser up to finish Bunker Buster off. But before the tank can fire the weapon, Nickle throws a grenade in the cannon. Destroying the spider tank before it can fire its laser. Nickle runs to Bunker Buster to see if he is alright, she helped him get back on his feet. When Bunker Buster’s weapon systems are working again. Nickle was hit by a different spider tank’s light beam cannon, fatally injuring her. Enraged, Bunker Buster destroys the hall of the tank with his bare hands and crushes the crew’s bodies. After he finishes killing the crew, he checks on Nickle to see if she is alright. However, when he checks on her, she is already dead. Shocked, sad, confused, and enraged. He took her lifeless body and walked away from Moscow to prepare a burial away from the battlefield. When Bunker Buster left the Imperium forces took Moscow and almost establishes communications to call for back up.

Mental Trauma

Sadden by the death of Nickle. He never believes that anyone can give love the same way that Nickle did. He would isolate himself from others unless he is needed.

Intellectual Characteristics

Bunker Buster is known to be very logical and cunning. He is wise and violent against his enemies but respecting them depending on their position.

Morality & Philosophy

Bunker Buster believes communism is the only system that is both equal and fair. Bunker Buster is violent in combat, but he will respect the individual in battle against him.   He believes that fear is optional, anyone that is afraid is a coward and isn’t worth his time.


Bunker Buster doesn’t like people who mock or jokes about the death of Nickle. Often he would kill who is foolish enough to do it in front of him.

Personality Characteristics


Bunker Buster wants humanity and the United Galaxy to concur the galaxy and wipe out the Imperium. While his fighting days are over because he’s a species council member representing the mecca race. So he stays on the forge planet Sithorus to supply the empire with ammo, weapons, vehicles, and armour fuel the war engine of the United Galaxy.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Bunker Buster is an expert in anything military. He knows the ins and outs of every strategy, vehicle, weapons, and units.

Likes & Dislikes


Anyone that fights for the United Galaxy, selflessness, the old cultures of humanity, communism.  


The Imperium, selfishness, class systems, the collapse of the ██████████, mercy to the enemy.

Virtues & Personality perks

Bunker Buster doesn’t show any type of emotion to anyone he doesn’t trust. But he will give positive feedback and wisdom to those who need it.

Vices & Personality flaws

After Nickle died, Bunker Buster never felt more alone in his life. He thinks that no one can ever recreate the affection and love that Nickle gave to him. So he isolates himself from everyone unless he is needed. This made him unable to open up and fully get over the death of Nickle.

Personality Quirks

If he’s angry, the mini-gun on his right hand will slowly turn.


Social Aptitude

In large crowds, Bunker Buster will sound confident and wise. He isn’t able to make the public rile up in any situation. But he is able to give the motivation to make the crowd want to do work.


Bunker Buster is polite and positive. He never speaks down or high on anyone. He views all like him and respects all as an equal.

Hobbies & Pets

On his downtime, Bunker Buster will read reports about the ██████████. Remembering the good times being with his old friends.


He speaks with a deep fading Russian accent. He sounds emotionless and terrifying to those who don't know him that well.


Bunker Buster

employee (Trivial)

Towards Empress Zatana Abernu



Empress Zatana Abernu

Ruler (Important)

Towards Bunker Buster




Bunker Buster knows Zatana’s mother. He views her mother as a tyrant and cruel, yet respects her and understands her methods and motivation. When Bunker Buster met Zatana she only sees the dark side of her mother, not holding her strengths but her flaws. But he sees she has potential to be as good as her mother.   Zatana views Bunker Buster as a war hero. Fighting and protecting the United Galaxy. She always respects him and will usually seek advice knowledge about her mother from Bunker Buster.

Relationship Reasoning

Bunker Buster is an employee of Zatana. Yet Zatana see’s Bunker Buster as an important figure in her life. If she wants to know more about her mother she would go to him to find out more about her.

Commonalities & Shared Interests

Zatana and Bunker Buster wants the United Galaxy to succeed and concur the galaxy.

Shared Acquaintances

They both have knowledge on military history and strategies. Often they would challenge each other to a game of chest to test their abilities.

Wealth & Financial state

Bunker Buster owns every resource and item on the planet Sithorus. But he doesn’t believe in owning property, so everything on the planet is owned by the United Galaxy. Making sure everything is in good condition before being shipped off.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Council Member, representative of the Mecca race.
Year of Birth
Current Residence
Red visor
10 feet tall
5 tons
Quotes & Catchphrases
"I was made to kill and fight wars for humanity’s selfish gain. I was abandoned because of who I am. I was feared because of what I am. But I still protect humanity because no matter what they do to me, I am their creation, and a creation never leaves their creators behind.”
Aligned Organization
United Galaxy
Known Languages
Bunker Buster is fluent in every language known in the United Galaxy. If a new language is made or discovered he would instantly learn it.
Previously Held Ranks & Titles

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