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MK2 Luna Rifle

Document written by: Allison Nedder   Order to obtain the document: [Green]   Content: This document will go through what the MK2 Luna rifle and what it can do.
  The MK2 Luna rifle is an improvement of the MK1 Luna rifle, adding features that make not just droger use the weapon comfortable but for other species to use it efficiently.   The weapon has the following specifications:
  • The weapon can fire in semi, full auto, and 3 bursts.
  • The rate of fire of the weapon in full automatic is around 300 – 600 rounds per minute.
  • The standard magazine can carry 200 rounds, the weapon can have modified magazines that can increase the number of rounds the weapon will have.
  • The weapon uses energised crystals often found on J’var.
  • The weapon gives off zero recoil; however, is inaccurate, and the spread is noticeable.
  • The weapon can be used in most environments without being cleaned.
  • The maximum effective distance is just 200 meter. Anything past that point the temperature of the beam will decrease and the weapons spread will be noticed.
  • The weapon only has two combat modes; these modes determine the amount of heat produced when the weapon is being fired. Standard delivers 230 degrees Celsius of heat; a single shot will only waste one round. Heavy will produce only 500 degrees Celsius of heat; a single show will be use three rounds.
  • The weapon has a normal peep sight that will help the soldier for aiming.
  • The soldier cannot customise the weapon; however, they can change the weapons the layout of the weapon by making it have either a four-arm support beam or a two-arm.
  • The stock of the weapon can be attached and detached to aid the soldier in urban combat.
  The weapon is large and bulky, which is good for a creature with four arms to use. However, even with modifications it still falls short compared to other weapons having poor accuracy, a limited ammo supply, and a design that is only comfortable to use if the person has four arms even with the ability to change the weapon to make it that people with two arms can use it. Making the weapon not used by combat personal but sold for civilian purposes.


The weapon is a mass-produced rifle made by the United Galaxy to give to their civilian population for hunting or self-defence.
Item type
Weapon, Ranged
Owning Organization
5 kilograms 5.5 kilograms (when ammo is loaded)
90cm long (stock retracted) 120 cm (stock extended)
Base Price

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