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North Sibini


  Archers are the great sport of the land with over thirty special fields having been created, either by municipalities or by houses. Smaller ones being created by guilds and merchants who donate constantly, nothing puts a positive word like having your name attached to a piece of an Archers Feilding. Though the gold can always come in from hosting competitions. It's rare for Municipalities to let any person host an event. Most especially when the Matriarch came into the equation, running one of the most lucrative weapons, the hearts, and minds of the people of North Sibini.


Although crime rates are not abnormally high, there are a great deal of deaths.

Guilds and Factions

The land holds also the head of the Ndlovu House. Hlalumisa Ndlovu along with her entire core.   This is a somewhat recent development, recent being two years and a year of work.   The high point of the Grounds Keepers for all of Sibini is found there.   The Crowned Cabucabu have also moved there because of the Matriarch's move, not the most ideal situation but still an act that impacted the families in the area.


North Sibini is a knowledge where there's thought to hold one of the largest and oldest libraries in all of Sedibeng, which is freely open t all who wish to enter.


Despite the sun rising in the East, North Sibini is considered the sun's glory with the most sunlight coming in from there, the branches culling to create a brilliant place of light, light enough for building to be paced forwards, which is a rarity.
Large city
The population is above average with over 150 thousand people living in North Sibini, despite this, the area has not been divided, being managed by the municipality and the groundskeepers.
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