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Yonneleni Ndlovu-Sana

Yonneleni Ndlovu-Sana

Is Malusi Ndlovu-Sana's first born and his pride. The kind of thing that would make Nomvula Ndlovu-Sana kill him. But that didn't mean life was easy.
Malusi's wife didn't understand the ironclad philosophy of putting everything into their children until puberty.

Her mother understood was the philosophy off: If you're not starving, you're doing fine. This was a hard thought process to break, forcing him to be the one that gave her the fullest attention, helping the martial retainers ensure she take in all of the training.

She wasn't the best at first but gained a willingness to fight after watching her father fight in real life learning a form of drunken and eratic fighting, using her natural ability to switch her balance in a way to stun even her father.

She was extremely talented with a staff. To the point of winning competitions in her youth. But her mother disaproved. If she genuinely creating a styele that was unique, it should be a surprised for her enemies.

And so it was, she would become a hidden warrior but would still work hard for her father, he would do anything and everything to made her father proud.

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