Dumisani Fletcher

Dumisani Fletcher

He is a natural troublemaker and a man of the woods. It's what has made him such a naturally talented fletcher.

He’s also a talented jouster and fencer, making him deadly with a blade.
He had to travel through the clan registered forest young, chopping and collecting wood for the purpose of Fletching. He made many arrows young, working like a machine.
Most of the time being spent being used to kill birds making him strong with great eyes for killing.
  Being one of only two boys in almost the entire Fletcher Clan, he stood out and thrived. But, he was a child where his mother did not marry in deep and pull a man into the clan, putting her clan members ahead until the birth of a man, which made her stand out but unlike her son, it didn't hold her well.

It provided a great amount of stigma. Which limited their resources that Dumi took a lead role, demanding his family be allowed to leave all of Sibini, it was refused to the point where even the Bantu house stepped in. But to even his mother's surprise, Dumi kept fighting and a compromise was created as he and the family were allowed to leave the home and he trained with a grand Elder, schooling in North Sibini. There the game between Nobles and clans was very different.
The merchant's power was limited in South Sun Sibini.

This was an unfortunate surprise but not one he was afraid of, he couldn’t back off. Too many had put their faith in him, his mother and two sisters. He’d has had to bear more weight than he’d imagined. His mother started to go through a bout of depression which meant he had to learn the ways of the clan and lead, making choices as the grand Elder believed in a hands-off approach.

It left him resentful. He couldn’t take it out on his family, taking it out on the boyfriend of Thato Ndlovu-Sana.
Thato was never one to simply let such a thing happen, fighting him.
Her bringing people in, creating a child war, which was a nightmare because both were profoundly stubborn. Because of it, many people were hurt, some deeply. To the point where their families had to step into the war, with both Dumisani and Thato were moved. It was infuriating to him and crushed her.

A new school was an improvement, he was Rockstar a man unafraid of the nobles and created an army of young men and women at his beck and call.
Still angry, he travelled to his old school to look for Thato'syoung friend. He had people, talent, strength, and Noble money.
What he didn't know was how all levels of the Archers'teams were suddenly that boy, Khaya Raider’s best friends. There was even a brick wall around his sisters, who’d not wanted to move.

It was devastating not just for him but, ironically for Thato, giving them one more thing in common, forcing them into each other's lives.

Dumi was in a stalemate they grew having to accept.
He moved on to make a family, he married three times, all three business. But the first was the closest to love, having one child with her.
He had three children, two boys, and one boy.

The War

During the war, he mostly fought alongside he knew before being dragged into his clan's unit along with the people of the Bantu House.

The Disaster

The war was a disaster, destroying many lives. He came out cleaner than most, even getting a commendation and military honours.
But the war came at a cost. He lost both his boys and the one wife he loved. Despite the devastation his children being taken, he was determined to survive. Putting his best foot forward and making his remaining child and business his focus in life.
It wasn't working, he'd started drinking, obsessing over his daughter while failing to maintain with multiple failing relationships. His business was faltering when he bumped into his oldest enemy Thato She was caught in one of her emotional meltdowns while her best friend and guard was out of sight. They took notice of each other, taking out their self-pity. There was an insane moment when the entire thing came to the brink of blows, instead, she wept. Having lost her husband, leaving her alone with her child.
The very man he’d picked had died a hero, having left his sisters behind too. The two of them, in a truly terrible place matched up, for a moment, having everything in common with each other, holding an understanding they never thought they’d had. They had relations but both felt wrong about it.

They got together on random days, drinking together but acting 'difficult' in public.
They were of different worlds and known for being opposed, competing in the business world.
  The merchant's guild never directly antagonized the Ndlovu-Sana House the houses proving to be able to damage the merchants, raising taxes or adding restrictions. Dumisani was proving himself as a force to be reckoned with as he, with business acumen put the Ndlovu-Sana House at risk of losing their power.


Family Ties

Three Children: Bathandwa - Living Thandwa was the youngest of his children and the apple of Dumi's eye and suddenly became the oldest, as both her brothers were permanently taken away.   Mafungwashe - Oldest Son   Lonwabo - Youngest Son


Dumisani Fletcher

Best Friend (Important)

Towards Thato Ndlovu-Sana



Thato Ndlovu-Sana

Best Friend (Important)

Towards Dumisani Fletcher




They were enemies at the start. He was a young talented upstart. He was a profoundly sharp-minded bully. She was never good with people like him as he was the type to just attack. 
But for some reason after the death of her husband he became the sweetest asshole, she had ever known. Before they knew it they were friends with her visiting his store very often and competing often. This has led to them fighting as they are from opposing groups. But they make each other happy.

Current Location
Year of Birth
327 UA 27 Years old
Current Residence
North Sibini
Aligned Organization

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