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Archrsis the most popular Ufeleyetsimbi game. It is something which is exclusive to the Ufele as they are quick moving and have skin which cannot be peirced.

The sport is broken down to two feilds of play.

  • Feild Archers.
  • Wild Archers.

    Field Archers us an organised game set in one minute phases as both teams get turns to move and can shoot at any time.

    Wild Archers better matches capture the flag, using large numbers. Numbers enough have two armies coming at each other, people playing defence and others playing offence.
    There's also Elimination and Battle Royale.

    Elimination moves in two forms, a clear wall to wall game that plays with both teams starting at the far walls of the pitch, they run into the center. Picking up arrows and running back.

    The second you touch one of the far walls you can immidiately start shooting.

    Everyone shoots until one team is left standing.

    Archers players ages move from six year old to elders, each playing in their respective ages groupings.

    The popularity is so high that even the games involving children will draw crowds, mostly of family and friends. But the real popularity comes in the teens ranging from 10 year olds to 20 year olds where entire communities will fill their stadiums.

    Feilds and Staduims

    Feild and stadiums, vary depending on the guilds and the houses who will build them. Some are built in private homes some are built over forests, with the stands almost alwayss set up above the game with the help of the Cabucabu and maintained for a fee by the Cabucabu.

    Dependent on the money there are able to comfortable hold hundreds of thousands and watch an entire game from the top, looking down. There are others watching from the side, but they are outfitted with glass, which are equipped with many spirit stones tokeep the glass from breaking.

  • Archers cover


    The game is all about accuracy, fast-thinking, and extreme resiliency. The best method to maintain efficiency by being at peak fitness. Most get very tired, very quickly.

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