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VR Sibeko | Member Since 23 Aug, 2018
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2 Sep, 2018 19:03

Otoku detected

2 Sep, 2018 19:17

Otaku and proud.

27 Aug, 2018 12:07

Thanks for following.

27 Aug, 2018 12:48

Pleasure. Great Stuff man.


Interests & Hobbies

My goal in life is to create the ultimate gaming system. I've had this dream since I was 10 years old.

Favorite Movies

Citizen Kane, Terminator 2, 12 Monkeys,

Favorite TV Series

Suits, Game Of Thrones, DareDevil, Death Note

Favorite Books

The Hobbit, The End of Mr Y, Spooksville Series, House Of God, The Lord Of the Rings, Harry Potter Series, The fifth Elephant, Nightwatch

Favorite Writers

Terry Pratchett, JR Tokien,

Favorite Games

Starcraft, battle for Middle Earth 2 and Supreme Commander Forced Alliance are the greatest of the greatest.



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