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The Ndlovu-Sana House

The Ndlovu-Sana house is a lesser house that branched out from the Ndlovu House due to lesser children marrying into the name. This is generally done to create a servant class for the head branch.

  They'd been given land and land rights by the main house with the task of paying tax and tribute to both the main house and the royal Qengeba house.

The lesser house's blood is considered separate from the main house. So, although still Noble they can't inherit Ndlovu House status without marriage.

The Ndlovu house was happy about the arrangement, choosing to deliberately isolate themselves from most houses.

They're the lesser of the respected houses.

This gave them room to maneuver came at a consequence. The house was most impacted by the culling, having lost almost all their sons to the grand culling.

The taking of their sons has brought a hatred that even the new Chui House leader is clueless to fix if there is any way to fix it. 

The Matriarch of the House is Nobomi Ndlovu-Sana, Aphiwe Ndlovu-Sana's great great aunt.

Her sister and Aphiwe's grandmother is Nomvula Ndlovu-Sana.

Both women hold the highest positions within The God Tree.

Both women work to maintain their families, spending years defending the choices their children make. As they're strong believers in the choices their children make under their extremely strict guidance. The reality of their family losing members was the ultimate crime.

There's extreme political turmoil between their house and the head house.

This unsurprisingly causes trouble for them and their people along with those of the Ndlovu house as Ndlovu-Sana rebel, despite starting to do well as a group, earning more votes from the government.

The Ndlovu-Sana house has, by putting much of the resources behind their children created a generation of geniuses who have put their potential into becoming standouts, from Essasa bringing armies of people into Fakazi, changing the way culture and art are depictured and appreciated, a golden age has started to form for the family.

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