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Malusi Ndlovu-Sana

Malusi Ndlovu-Sana

Malusi, the youngest son of Nomvula Ndlovu-Sana's. He's the most intelligent of the sons and a potential foil to even Thato's ambitions. Thankfully he moved to the Munaka Tree, away from Thato Ndlovu-Sana's dream and upon that tree, he's a beacon for the Ndlovu-Sana house.

Malusi's only drawback to his extreme intelligence was his inability to focus on a single goal, instead collecting multiple goals, which is compounded with his sense of rebellion and distain for authority.

He immediately caught on to the notion of team building to undermine the leadership of a greater house with a sense to uplift the weak.

'diluting power' as he called it.

He was never to be the ruler of The Ndlovu-Sana House.

That was never to be, but he'd tasted family, knew it's value, which is why he’d never turn against it.

Although, weeks apart, the family spends such a fortune corresponding; they might as well have been face to face.

The time used is well worth it, he and their family along with their bannermen had produced a network unique to anything inside of the Sedi-nation. Messages most coded, traveling in there hundreds to allow for the family to make choices from within the Munaka Tree. This is something created by their family but perfected by both Thato and Malusi, connections perfected by the baby sister of the family, who's potential is only seen by him. As far as the world is concerned the improvements were all him.

This has, of course, is not gone unnoticed by the matriarch of The Ndlovu House within the Munaka Tree. She is her own Prime, but had been struggling with the order within her tree when suddenly the number of Grounds Keepers grew exponentially.

Malusi grew, putting things together himself, finding love, collecting information and most vitally, people. The Ndlovu Matriarch immediately pounced upon him, messaging Nomvula Ndlovu-Sana and her sister Nobomi Ndlovu-Sana the Ndlovu-Sana prime in order to arrange a marriage with one of her daughters.

Nobomi naturally refused, such dishonour would drive her insane. The Ndlovu-Sana House are taught for the purpose making their own choices. For a noble house to decide for a Ndlovu-Sana. Is to decide upon war with the clans. Something that caught even Nobomi by surprise, but Nomvula put her foot down, these were her children, and of her house, no one could tell them anything, even the true Matriarch.

Malusi refused the engagement arrangement for the first wife, that would be exclusive to him and his choice was one he’d already made. A leader of Chui who, had immediately decided to marry her without having met her once. He didn't care because he'd read enough, with cousins he was able to win her over and they had their first child within the first year of marriage.

She was a master martial artist, an extremely young soldier who stopped, stepping into any fight she could get with the most murderous of rebellious streaks.

She was insane, but effective. That was more than enough for him. She was a challenge that would never end, he was a man who could take in all that her who she was without giving up.

They worked together training each and every one of the warriors she had under her wing. He nurtured them so fast it was stunning as within months they were doing missions for him, collecting intelligence where they could not otherwise, completely invisible. His influence ballooned but the time came, he needed to marry into The Ndlovu House under the Munako Tree. It had to happen as so he married, weary of the very wife he chose. But to not build his own freedom and purpose out of the responsibility would be impossible. He had a support structure most kings could only dream of. And he’d use it to change the world as they knew it.

Year of Birth
323 UA 31 Years old
Aligned Organization


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