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Slindile Ndlovu-Sana

Slindile Ndlovu-Sana

He was a fiercely intelligent kid with the misfortune of being born second. But was smart enough to accept it.

He's one of the few able to manipulate his mother, the Matriarch of The Ndlovu-Sana House. But couldn't win her over on getting a shot at the family throne. But as long as it was in the name of helping his brother, he could pretty much do anything he wanted.

Because of this, his thought processes moved inwards, participating in her grandmother’s mentorship program for Grounds Keepers very young. There was a reason for this, he wanted to travel, he wanted to see the world, but his birth right came with responsibilities which had to fulfil. The first would be his trade switching with one of the Thembeko children and making friends with older Thembeko sisters. It was very do or die upon the ceiling, its own world that he was let loose in. It all but cemented his need to be everywhere. But it wouldn’t just happen. There had to be a way, his Cabu sisters confirmed that, yes, the outside world would be extremely dangerous, his bloodline was a target for all types across. The only path to freedom was in a uniform with all but a platoon at his back. It sat on his mind for a while.

But once he was back on ground level, he had a mission, put on a uniform and be set free.


At the age of ten, he’d finished his mentorship with good enough marks to potential qualify as a Grounds Keeper. Good enough for him, good enough for his mom, absolute garbage for his aunt and the current Prime, his grandmother. But it wasn’t the end of the world. The mentorship program had travel to it and she talked her mother into it.

Sedibeng was stunning, a continent on its own. He could not imagine how huge the rest of the world had to get strong and none of his mothers would even come close to stopping him. Ndlovu-Sana martial arts were at a very high level, meaning they could teach him something good away from the Prime. It proved to be harder than it looked. He wasn’t as charming to them.

But it would be bullshit if he couldn’t be the smooth talker he always believed she was. And so beyond the Grounds Keeper training, the martial arts training came personality training. It was the arduous task of manipulating people.

He would start by placing an object and then convince someone to make it to him.
It started with a quill; then a glass; a page; a journal and weights; until he started convincing groups to lift massive objects. And before knew it he was one of the youngest Grounds Keepers in recent years.


Twelve years old, back home, he had no intention of resting, Grounds Keeper was a duty, not a goal. Travel was the goal and now, he could do what he wanted. He joined a military program designed for Nobles called ‘The Travelling Noble’. It cost the Ndlovu-Sana a fortune as he did not end up going alone. He got his first wife out of it; despite both of them being too young to be married or have children.

He mastered fencing, actually becoming a young champion, creating a means of a pro Ufeleyetsimbi combat in a one on one fight that garnered a great deal of attention, he was offered a military position as an officer. He passed it on, his first wife taking it; him being her consultant. They had Qiniso Ndlovu-Sana, together.

Slindile was taught young not to ambitious but that wasn't the same story for his first wife and his perfect woman. It was a troublesome situation as if his parents caught a whiff of it, it would be the kind of scandal that could literally get them killed.


Family Ties


Slindile Ndlovu-Sana


Towards Bazani Ndlovu-Sana

Bazani Ndlovu-Sana


Towards Slindile Ndlovu-Sana

Year of Birth
321 UA 33 Years old
Aligned Organization


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