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Khaya Raider

Khaya Raider

He was the hope of the Raider family, his was not a family of nobles, or of merchants or any lineage of pride. His father was a mediocre brew maker, working under a man a decade younger than him.

Khaya's mother was worked on the stairlifts, raising trade wares and keeping track of deliveries for the municipalities, the couple only meeting due to drinking at the same inn.

Was it luck, or fate, it didn't matter? Before they knew it they were married and having three children together, even agreeing to have another woman birth a child, his birthing ability becoming a skill.

They produced one son and three daughters. That son being Khaya, the son who did better than many kids, also proving himself a supremely talented archers player. He was good enough to get the attention of both the merchant's guild and the noble's.

He and her sister's lives were suddenly greatly improved, him being was quite the crowd-pleaser.

He was good looking, sharp, witty, playful and charismatic but was nothing, living in what could be considered slums.

He was loved but was quickly targeted and viciously bullied by the merchants and clans. It was torture, at some points literally. It was then that he smashed directly into Thato Ndlovu-Sana who almost immediately snapped him up.

They were in love but nothing could be so easy.

There was so much misunderstanding and anger, and almost all of it comes in the form of a bully named Dumisani Fletcher. But for some reason, she was determined to pull him in and protect him.


Family Ties


Thato Ndlovu-Sana


Towards Khaya Raider

Khaya Raider


Towards Thato Ndlovu-Sana

327 UA 349 UA 22 years old
North Sibini
Current Residence
North Sibini
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