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The Black Thorne Continent

The Jokai Attack

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There once was a land, flat and devoid of intelligent life. One human stepped upon the world, and using the world's power, created life.   The life he created was rich and diverse, filled with intelligent and unique races who over the course of thousands upon thousands of years have their own societies with, at its center, the largest mountain of all. A wall of rock coated in all manner of life and weather.   This is the Black Thorne. A mountain which has been converted to the only school where any person may learn magic. The Vusi-Ntaba School of Magic.   There is a single continent surrounded by a current so strong it crushed all that try pass. With that continent four nations, each run by humans. And within those four nations, just under a thousand territories inhabited by fifty races with their own unique sub races and cultures.   Those can range from the winged angel type warriors of the intaka race. The massive golem like Ngxilimbela people to the semi furred, massive fist monkey like Inqindi people. (The name is literally pronounced with a click)   There are multiple novels written about these societies, the first of which will be self published this year.   Each story moves very much like a Terry Patchett novel with each story line being about a certain culture that intersects with the others. But unlike Discworld. Not always at a central point.