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Aphiwe Ndlovu-Sana

Aphiwe Ndlovu-Sana


Aphiwe was born the only daughter of a commoner and a noble of great house. The noble being a ninth born and, unusually a mad scientist.

Her birth was the happiest day of her mother's life. Thato was obsessed with her man, Khaya Raiderwho was a gentle soul who would spend every second he could with her. In the manner that her mother was obsessed with her, he was with Aphiwe. Investing in the finest, just to add one extra smile.

The fact that she was a mix of blood, had been an issue that had seperated the family from them but Thato was insane when it came to creativity and business accumen creating a wall around her daughter that was impeneratable, even aclimating her against Jokai attacks. Expanding her underground network into a behemoth of a system that would effect the entire territory.

One of the first gifts she ever got was Bae Bae. A jaguar brought to Sedibeng centuries ago to grow with her and protect her.

348 - The War

Thato Ndlovu-Sana was thrown into war and most commoners were tossed into battle and Aphiwe was forced to stay with her great grand mother, while both her parents went to war, only for her to come back alone.
She was too young to understand.

  Her life haywire when she was nearly killed by a Jokai. A creature uniquely skilled in killing Ufele.

She spent months rehabilitating but found the strength to not only recover but exceed her limitations.

  This also changes her and Lesanda's passion starting a movement which could change the world.

Scary Mother

Aphiwe has always thought of herself as a normal little girl with a mother who was weird and very goal orientated. When her mother wanted it done, she would do something else entirely and before, she knew what was happening it was suddenly done and her mother would move onto the next thing, invariably bringing Aphiwe along.

Aphiwe didn't get it but understood her mother was very clever and loved her so much it was exhausting to them both. She also knew that no matter what, she had to keep up.

Thato Ndlovu-Sana didn't make it easy, building her daughter a routine that, quite literally began before she was born, which used to be fine as she had her father but one day both her parents disappeared and only her mother returned, leaving a very different future for her.


Aphiwe has an iron will unnatural for her child of any age let alone hers. Even while injured she will naturally power through pain. It is something that her more has rammed into her through watching over her daughter personally, not really leaving her to her lessons with bannermen and tutors under The Ndlovu-Sana manner.

She is extremely able to accept the struggles to target any goal, accepting the pain immidiately, taking it as a potential trade off.




Lesanda Noma-Pikoli

Best Friend (Vital)

Towards Aphiwe Ndlovu-Sana



Aphiwe Ndlovu-Sana

Best Friend (Vital)

Towards Lesanda Noma-Pikoli




They were basically twins born of different mothers.

Relationship Reasoning

Their mothers are connected, locked together by their family work and love for their artificial homes.

Year of Birth
346 UA 8 Years old
Aligned Organization

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