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The Ufeleyetsimbi

Knowledge Base

The Ufele excel mainly due to their minds being able to retain and collect more information far longer than most other races. This makes them living encyclopaedias so long as they’re able to initially take in data. This does not give them above human intelligence, their mental processing power similar, if not the same as humans.

Basic Information


They generally will have raised canines, the manner with which varies according to the species.
This, depending on their fangs, strength makes them capable of biting harder than many a species, as per bone structure to muscle mass. Their fangs are not retractable.

Biological Traits

They produce new skin three times in their life, the skin does not shed like a snake, instead of chipping off in the form of a substance very much like iron fillings. It's natural for their skin to flake but it is unusual for it to flake all at once; unless suffering from the illness called ‘malting’, which is something best associated with adolescence and puberty.

Genetics and Reproduction

The average birthing period for the Ufele is 10 to 12 months.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Ufeleyetsimbi, have a unique feature in which their muscle systems absorb fat and nutrients, along with waste to create skin which act as a protective shell. The ‘skin’ is different to an exoskeleton as it acts as regular skin, being smooth and soft as humans but with the strength of living steel. It is only the skin that has the feature of being impenetrable. The body can still be injured.


Body mass to muscle mass ratios are above the interspecies average, making them stronger than most races their size, but that does not remain past puberty without diet.

This is met with a high amount of iron in their diet, which is mixed with a collection of minerals that can be met from eating bone marrow, some cultures match this by eating a specific type of fire ant, which is crushed and dried into a paste, the more of it eaten the more perfect the colouring on their skin.

Average Height
They are a medium type species ranging from 1.5 meters to 2.5 meters for their tall sub-species.
Average Weight
They, on average, weigh 90 to 180 kg depending on height and health.
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