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Lesanda Noma-Pikoli

Lesanda Noma-Pikoli

Lesanda was originally a problem child, she was too timid for her mother's liking and far too manipulative. Her mother has always felt the wizarding potential in her daughter. Babalwa decided to leave a wizarding school to Taung, her home where she could put in work for her family and raising her daughter amongst her peers. At first, this did not do a thing but once she started to become friends with Thato, falling over each other with how much they had in common and despite Lesanda's powering opinions.

Lesanda is a physical genius, but at her own detriment, she avoids potential pain every chance she got, making her come off as extremely stuck up.

  In her own way, because of it, she essentially needs Aphiwe otherwise the other kids find her exhausting.


Archers Skill

  Lesanda is a profoundly powerful Archers players. Aphiwe is not as strong as her in Archers, but Lesanda is both accurate and powerful, Aphiwe is a fast shooter and accurate but lacks the stamina to hold on to a full match.   Match especially in 'groundings' where falling means you're knocked out. Lesanda would never ever play without Aphiwe.



Lesanda's grandmother is extremely sure of her duty as a spy and does what she can to instill the duties of the Noma-Pikoli into her little girl, even if Lesanda's mother proved to be a disappointment.

She has stayed in North Sibini scooping up her grandchild every chance she got. Getting a talented but unmotivated genius to become a talented spy.

Funny enough, the lack of motivation turned out to be the key, she would teach her by letting Lesanda be able to get out of hard labor if she could learn to manipulate her way out of it.

The girl had to learn how to choose her battles, as some duties could not be avoided and her grandmother made sure there were insanely heavy punishments. There was an insane amount of punishments and the list of judgments showed that her grandmother put a great deal of thought into molding her mind.

It was just what Babalwa had to deal with if she wanted to accept her child not being pulled into being trained by Noma-Pikoli elders at the house's heart. Lesanda had to learn, it was what financed their lifestyle.


Aunt Thato

Lesanda was struggling with the notion that Aphiwe's mother wasn't a strange woman, what she was, was terrifying.

People around her little world paid honor to her, bowing to her like she were a queen, the endless amount of people dropping in, disappearing into nothingness.

But she was treated so well by her, it was as though she was family, being brought in to learn, work, and play. The play was strange, with many questions, a lot of measurements. But some of the most amazing foods and drink experiments.

As much fun as it could be, her struggles with the sudden workloads were annoying but there was always the pleasure of having her best friends.


Aphiwe Ndlovu-Sana

That was always a weakness she had. She could only be talked into anything that Aphiwe was already doing. The fact that everyone was better to her when Aphiwe was there made Aphiwe a must and the fact that Lesanda had to be there whoever she had the slightest idea.

Aphiwe's ideas being painful or amazing.

Aphiwe could, at any moment appear next to her, eyes wide and gaping almost bouncing on her heels. And that would be when the adventure started.

Some adventures led them all to the edge of Sibini, where they found their perfect hiding spot. Tat being their training spotwhere they getto practise manuevres with being seen by the other kids.



Lesanda's future appears to be split into two pieces. Spy work and magic.
Magic, despite the amazing power, is the type that would make any family member proud, it could even forgo the natural duties.

But her grandmother would always paint the talent of a spy so well it was dreamy and she'd tried it before! Seen the manipulation in action. It was the coolest thing ever!

But her mother appeared determined to create a line of wizards, this despite the manner with which she has treated the line of Noma-Pikoli with a coldness that would get others exiled.

Her mother has a sense of freedom that is considered problematic to those of her family.

Mental characteristics

Personal history


Lesanda was born special, nobility, the only of the familyy, the daughter of Babalwa Noma-Pikoli.


At the age of three, she was the family second princess and this often made her a fussy kid, needing to be looked after more than the others.


She was a smart kid and loved most by her doting grandmother who was more than excited to get her into the Noma-Pikoli spy trade and thanks to the war Ntombizodidi Noma-Pikoli made the best of the time.


By the time of the her swap she was already a talented Archers player, as fussy as she still was. It drove Babalwa insane and her time to terrorize was put on hold for her swapping ceramony where no one, by her mother's order was allowed to interfer. IT was hell, one she tried to run away from until she just had to give up her wants and focus on her needs.


She was still a fussy kid but to nowhere near the same degree. But most importantly she was a star archer's player, good enough to stand out amonst older kids and soon she was playing with noble kids while Aphiwe and Chuma were away.


Aphiwe wasn't as good but she was the group's leader and they were forced to all play together, despite their age difference which meant playing with kid's Langa's age every time.

This was a massive issue for her but things started to improve. The team started to improve.


Family Ties


Lesanda Noma-Pikoli

Best Friend (Vital)

Towards Aphiwe Ndlovu-Sana



Aphiwe Ndlovu-Sana

Best Friend (Vital)

Towards Lesanda Noma-Pikoli




They were basically twins born of different mothers.

Relationship Reasoning

Their mothers are connected, locked together by their family work and love for their artificial homes.

Lesanda Noma-Pikoli

Daughter (Vital)

Towards Babalwa Noma-Pikoli



Babalwa Noma-Pikoli

Mother (Vital)

Towards Lesanda Noma-Pikoli





Current Location
Current Residence
North Sibini
Aligned Organization


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