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Ntombizodidi Noma-Pikoli

Ntombizodidi Noma-Pikoli (a.k.a. Zodi but Didi to her youngest friends)

She's the grandmother of Lesanda, her youngest daughter being Babalwa Noma-Pikoli, with two other daughters.

She and Nobomi Ndlovu-Sana and Nomvula Ndlovu-Sana were the best of friends, they grew up as a large crew of friends, wealth Noble's kids who studied together and played together.


  Ntombizodidi was a woman on a mission, she had to be put on both Ndlovu-Sana. The Noma-Pikoli House had always put on the effort to keep an eye on potential and had completely overwritten and abandoned the Ndlovu-Sana, choosing to focus on the Nobu-Ganga house when Nozipho suddenly changed the fates of the entire family. The family producing legions of qualified Grounds Keepers, convincing members of their families and members of banner houses to re-pledge and return to the Ndlovu-Sana main house. From there dozens upon dozens of people studied and returned to their hopes as qualified and talent Grounds Keepers. They couldn't be accused of cheating, their knowledge base was deep enough to withstand most testing. It was revolutionary, the Noma-Pikoli wanted to be a part of the business. They sent their best and she sent her daughter, Ntombizodidi was a good and talented kid and became faster friends with both Nomvula and Nobomi, putting more energy into impressing Nobomi as she later learned, Nomvula was the stronger personality. It put her on edge against her for years. But the Noma-Pikoli strategy involves dedicating a person's entire life. So Nomvula put more faith into her, but Nobomi was already absolutely in love with her planning out their entire lives. Nobomi wasn't the best 'people person', focusing on deepening the relationship with those she'd be comfortable around. With her grand ambitions on improving her mother's ideology, she didn't need more.

Zodi spied every step of the way and returned every thought they shared to her family. The Family had no special technique, only a system of extreme responsibilities. A system of pressures with little to no way out once the promise was made. The rewards being long term stability.

A promise that Zodi took, promising to never hurt the family. The system required promised asked more than Zodi's entire family could imagine and everything the two sisters work was trying harder to deepen the tendrils into their oath.

  Being able to think further than her target was constantly the goal for her being made to work when she stayed with them, only to come back home and he put to work again. It limited her growing up as she was split deeply were her opponents being her only support.

Real issues were going through her, she had sleeping issues growing up, but didn't fail becoming able to manipulate both sisters to help her out constantly. But she never did try damaging the family. She'd never imagined it, but she'd become a believer in the family over the future of the two sisters and when she fell in love dedicate her life into raising all of her children 'right'.

The right way being thrown into giving as much as she could into being with them, giving them true responsibilities and giving them the freedom to make their choices.

It went from not easy to borderline impossible as the Noma House was not impressed with it but she fought her family, putting ungodly faith into her friends. The support she got from them was tremendous.

  Zodi had become a high ranked noble in the family, high enough to gain the full attention of the Pikoli House, most especially once the group started to fall in love respectively. logically they should have fallen apart but it was due to Nobomi and herself became extremely active in North Sibini, greatly increasing their influence, within the Grounds Keepers, the Municipalities and, something that was always vital with Nozipho, the people.

Current Location
Year of Birth
293 UA 61 Years old
Aligned Organization


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