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The Pikoli House


Pikoli business dealings are multifaceted, their public goals are to secure themselves space as a natural part of Sedibeng.

  This is harder than people think because they were offered a chance to be a part of the grand project and the Pikoli house rejected it. The Ndlovu have never forgotten and it is almost a major point of disagreement between the houses.



The Pikoli house members put a great deal into the law of the land, considering Sedibeng to be their true home.

To The Pikoli House, having a home, even a room inside of Sedibeng is extremely valuable and because of this real estate is highly valued.

Construction is big for them, selling homes cheap to members of their family, building a powerful base for their family in a territory.

Pikoli construction is a deep and long working commitment as they work on multiple levels of society. They do what they can to buy into the community.

They are able to do this in multiple ways:

Funding other companies, or making their own.

Their biggest fear being accused of predatory work and shutting down businesses. They will never buy where they do not live. Everything outside of Sedibeng, on the other hand, are free game, but money alone comes in from of the outside. The elders do not want this, it must be the other way around.

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