The Ndlovu House

The Ndlovu House, is the most prestigious house in all of Sedibeng.  


  They were the creators and the primary investors within the Sedibeng territory. It was through their blind commitment that they managed turn a barren wasteland, into a thriving oasis.

They also had the foresight and confidence to entrench themselves in the politics of the changing times to ensure the land would be secure, on paper at the very least.



  Unfortunately, success did not come easy. They’d needed to enlist every major Chui house they could to maintain their lasting vision. There was a low point before the first yields where a power grab was attempted by the Balo House, a house of a different race, The Sterena Yetsimbi. The consequences led to them today the linage of the land for their survival.

  In the trade they ensured each God Tree has two major votes to the Ndlovu name, which is an extremely powerful position have. It also means that they have the right to collect taxes and buy land.

  Their primary concern is security, their mission statement as a family house is incomplete and as far as they’re concerned will never be complete.

The family division of power.

The Ndlovu House have always been terrified of the death of their grandest goals. Their existence is tied to it, including their grandest goals. Their existence is tied to it, including their blood. So they split their houses up as to that they would never themselves be divided.

  The split is the Ndlovu who exist to caretake the God Trees and everyone else. Only those who care take the God Trees are the Ndlovu, the rest are bastards, but not in the traditional sense, instead they are rather exiles and must be exiles until they either accept their duties as a Grounds Keeper or abandon the Ndlovu name.

  Though this does involve some level of leaving behind some of th greatest privileges of being a Ndlovu, including exclusive voting rights, both within the House and out.

  At best their rights match that of a lesser house, some are left as commoners.

  The first rule of the Ndlovu is that one house to be a Grounds Keeper, the access is not guaranteed, it is entirely possible for a Ndlovu to become an exile, simply because they could not pass the Grounds Keepers, no special rules are to be given, except upon crossing over to Master Grounds Keepers where the lives, rights and privileges are expanded upon in a huge way. These are entire vaults of knowledge, maintain by all Grounds Keepers that can only be seen by the Ndlovu, tools and martials, the privileges for exceeded that of even the most senior Master Grounds Keeper.

  Those who are bastards are not left behind, as a bastard you can still birth a genuine Ndlovu child, it’s just won’t be believed one unless its lineage can be proven, which means keeping the bastard name. But better to be a bastard, than no Noble at all.



  The sigil is the God Tree.
Geopolitical, Great house
Family Leader
Head of State
Subsidiary Organizations
Related Professions
Controlled Territories


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