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The Noma - Pikoli House

The Noma Pikoli House is a lesser House, a branch born from a mix of Ufele races who'd escaped persecution and oppression under human hands.

Their ancestors, The Noma gave up their names to serve dutifully under the Pikoli House, promising to only thrive when the main house did, offering service and loyalty exclusively to them to survive. Before the emigration.

During the fourth great war and unity, in the age of the pen, the Ufele from within an Edudweni territory were attacked, many tribes and clans nearly crushed and erased. Extinction was a very natural part of life for any within the Throne, as natural as breathing. Because of this, their customs had always been one of adaptation, organized individuality. They were a people of laws, not of race or land.

Now they’re a united house that serves but with a Chui mind of working for the bigger picture.

The Prime Matriarch is a shrewd woman who bolsters her family by having them come to her exclusively for spiritual interpretations. These act as a means to judge cases, without the need of actual judges, unless a situation cannot be rectified internally or simply exploded out of their control.

All houses have exclusivity arrangements with the Breakers and Judges and are therefore allowed to follow the law of their customs as the primary law of the land.

They’re based outside of the Pikoli ruled God Tree, instead working impossibly hard to push their own ground, to create space where there was none. Them acting as a living crowbar, digging into the Jongiwe God Tree.

They’ve always supported Ndlovu House, paying extra tribute while inviting any clan they could to marry into the house, or alternatively, any they can enter an enterprise together with.

“A strong start” – Motto “A strong finish,”   As they are a house born of different Chui, it is not uncommon for there to be strong branches who focus an achieving specific goals, spying being one of they are least know for but most proficient in, most houses, most especially the Great House, money being spent, supplies being ordered, information on farming methods, and food and architecture, there is a wall spring of info an none in all of the greater houses have an eye out for it than the Noma Pikoli House.

Control of this begins at the highest levels with a few elders who congregate to vote upon the methods and goals while leading dozens of younger Elders whose purpose it is to ensure that they relay information to their Elders while running and training families and family heads. They must secure the stream of information beneath them are handlers advanced operatives and spies, most are veterans who’ve retired in order to pass on their methods. Unlike the Young master or lesser elders, they work closer, siphoning what information is the most actionable.

All information is good information, but some is simply described as good gossip, which is useful for extremely small goals.

They train their spies from birth with methods that are always being tested and ingrained upon the body because sometimes what’s needed is experience and not strict orders.

If you’re desperate for information, they as a spy, you must not have been paying attention.

“A strong start” – “A strong finish,”

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