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Babalwa Noma-Pikoli

Babalwa Noma-Pikoli

Babalwa is Lesanda's mother and a student class wizard.
  Her family has been on the God Tree, under the Noma-Pikoli banner for a hundred years.
  Her great grand mother joining the Noma Pikoli and her Grand mother bringing them to the Jongiwe Tree.

The Noma - Pikoli being a lesser title for a sect of Banner men and women before marrying in deep with the Pikoli, earning even Babalwa, noble blood, diluted as it is.

What they are really talented retainers for the Noma - Pikoli and the Pikoli

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Babalwa has been a part of the God Tree project from before she was born, and now is putting her daughter in as part of it, as rebelious as the little girl is.

Her family was brought in as spies, her grandmother the mastermind who has trained her and Lesanda to be honourable spies watching the Ndlovu-Sana.

She's a naturally muscular woman with high energy, tamed well in the Vusi-Ntaba School of Magic.

But before then, she had Thato Ndlovu-Sana, her best friend and her mission target.

Not knowing if she was magic or not, her grandmother predicted that Thato Ndlovu-Sana would be a great woman, and a potential savior or threat to the world of Sedibeng. And not long after Babalwa started to believe it.

Thato's unique and her ability to see through everything. She could tame Babalwa, read her mind and knowing Thato, Babalwa still fell in love with her, she the collection of the people she could only read abot, not only acknowledged her but wanted the best of her and wanted ‘her

They were best friends, lovers… prince and princess. Babalwa would be a test subject to her deepest, darkest whims and ambitions and Thato's secrets would be splayed out by Babalwa's grandmother, picked apart to her own leisure.

They were atomically bonded, but their own people. Which was why, when despite training Babalwa to be the greatest warrior upon her first defeat to Kurhula Ndlobu, she abandoned everything to become a wizard. A fear amongst all noble houses as the pull of individual freedom is often too strong to be ignored.

To Thato it was a mortal sin, one she could not forgive, for Babalwa, it was her taking a whole new challence and leaving behind the useless.
They hated each other, even being proactive, writing each other daily, just to keep each other in their minds. It wsa ridiculous but that matterd nothing, they were bonded.


Family Ties


Lesanda Noma-Pikoli

Daughter (Vital)

Towards Babalwa Noma-Pikoli



Babalwa Noma-Pikoli

Mother (Vital)

Towards Lesanda Noma-Pikoli





Current Location
Year of Birth
329 UA 25 Years old
Current Residence
Aligned Organization
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