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The Sisterhood

  • This is a collection of women around Thato who know everything about Thato's goals which transcend everything most are working on, with a focus on evolution.
  • Evolution of the god tree, the evolution of nature.
  • And the evolution of what they call the body politic. It is a collection of anthropology biology and zooology. They are extremely wealthy and use that wealth exclusively for the procurement of knowledge, to the point where they will end up buying a god tree of their own. Or having enough of a legacy they revolutionize, not only their territory but the entire nation. Each woman has their own purpose and ambition, legacy.
A revolution for Thato
Power for Indle
Land ownership for Babalwa
Kurhula Ndlobu it's all about ownership and prestige.

  • There is no telling what would happen were they to succeed or be caught, all they care about is reading, listening and discovery.


One of the largest Assets is the individual jobs each and every woman hold that either earn them knowledge, wealth or power. Kuhurla has her writings, her book The Perfect Punch
Social, Brotherhood
Notable Members


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