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Indile Iron Borne Thembeko

Indile Iron Borne Tembeko

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Indile is the ultimate crowner, as far as she’s concerned. She was fed and bred for greatness. Raised as a daughter under both Nomonde and Nomvula Ndlovu-Sana. Nomonde paired her with Thato educating and training her as well as Thato.

The pair had taken in other Cabucabu children, who too excelled but; with a gusto, she challenged and 'crowned' them to work under her as personal advisors.
  She, against all Cabucabu is undefeated but knows the Cabucabu have a clear physical disadvantage against the Ufeleyetsimbi. A painful lesson beaten into her almost fifty times a year by Thato and later Babalwa Noma-Pikoli. Both girls have never crowned, having sworn to never do so. But both women are her support every year until her girls are old enough to take over the Tembeko tribe. They show in case a fellow Ufele were to show, which has happened. The system has worked without a hitch for years. Securing her position and her partnership with her adopted sisters.


Family Ties

Her daughters are as ruthless and battle hungry as she. But are not allowed to crown each other on pain of death.
The daughters Olwetu and Luniko are her pride and greatest hope. Learning from the Ndlovu-Sana House, good blood is complicated but a valid means to constitute value.
  She used to dote over them but now watches with a stern eye. They're forced to read, compete and build daily. Indile is determined to mix with Deliwe Kuvuka's culture.  
  Her youngest are still in the 'doted on' phase. Those being Dunga, Phumla, and Nofoto. Aphiwe Ndlovu-Sana spends time-fighting them once a month. She's not as eager, but once they show up, they easily rile her up, leading to entire tournaments and the most complicated systems of war between them. The girls literally come back bigger with each visit, which is a miracle Indile has never managed to bottle so she brings back her daughters as often as possible, all daughters but a limit was set to once a month by Thato.
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