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Deliwe Kuvuka

A Clan of Builders. 

There are few Kuvuka who are known for their fighting prowess, but they are not to be underestimated. Deliwe is no different.  They are one of the few tribes who believe in building, over the course of generations, with many self birthed in a belief that their pure DNA will let them see what they're created in the future.   

Work Ethic

She is a workaholic, obsessed with finishing what she has started, and building upon the positive steps which have been put down, not just by her people but other tribes too who have created tools to advance them. She is a hard worker and a committed leader, a woman who will use her mind on projects, determined to make sure her chargeds will put in the effort to expand their legacy. It has actually become what she wants to leave behind and monuments are that way, because of this she's put in a bunch of energy into building sky roads, or bridges that mix the two worlds above and below.   

Crowned and Leadership

She has taken to Ndlovu ways of life, she is extremely aggressive when it comes to looking after her people, who are prone to wander off and work alone, trying to form solo groups. This weakens the whole in her eyes and so she has to crush their leaders, crowning upon them.   She has many children and pulled in sub crowned or submissives, who raise her children for her. She has three children she has self birthed who are their heirs and have her name, which is the way of working. She sculpts each of them to fulfill each need which works as a means to catch up on her work last.    She's not the best readers, she has what she calls 'minders', reading to her and processing information for her.
Current Location
Current Residence
East Moon Sibini
Aligned Organization


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