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Kurhula Ndlobu

Becoming a Matriarch was a complete surprise.
  She'd long ago found a talent in, and deep intense passion for fighting. A driving need and edge that could ensure she could crush every person she came up against.

It was profound how well she could read others, even as a child. It got so good she was getting special attention, being trained by high paid teachers.

The compliments were good, the matches and challenges were being brought to her and the only responsibility she had was honing her muscles and when it came to the workouts, she had fun, cleansing her mind and body.

It was a perfect life, all she wanted was to be an award-winning martial artist. The renown was already there. Her, the prodigy who crushed all others.

Her mother, the Matriarch of the Ndlobu House took advantage, using her as a means of gaining reputation.

The family, sisters included, bounced from West Sun to West Moon, South Moon, South Sun, East Moon, East Sun, and then finally North Sibini.

The Ndlobu House was part of the Ndlovu House who sought ways of improving their lives and their house without having to become Grounds Keepers. The key to most Noble power.

The intense excitement that came with watching her win brought many. The Ndlobu House had money enough to create open portable platforms where hundreds could watch her daughter win. She'd not lost one match.

Kurhula was making things happen. Her mother had had goals but not the resources to be independent of the Ndlovu-Sana House's wants.

...right up until Kurhula fought to a draw against Babalwa of the Noma-Pikoli House. Thiers being a fellow lesser house (Under the Pikoli House) who'd expanded and, in general, achieved more than them. Because of it, they knew of each other but had no idea of their diamond in the rough. Most especially in a House known for hiding.

The match was extremely close and because of it, a crowd had formed for a rematch that outdid many an Archers match.

Despite Babalwa being younger, her muscular build and almost steel frame overpowered Kurhula. Babalwa beat her down, leaving not a single opening. It crushed Kuhula's perfect record along with her spirit.

In the depths of defeat a kid approached her, showing her some of the most detailed drawings she'd ever seen. They were schematics showing the Ufele body and specifically the state of Babalwa's body, the strengths, and weaknesses. But most important were Kurhula's weaknesses.

She gave a gift to her, a cord which, with effort, would pull and stretch but wouldn't break. She wrapped it around her ankle and told her to use it until it broke. The girl was from the greater Ndlovu-Sana, her mother would never refuse a gift from them. But... she'd never heard mention of the strange girl.

She did as requested.

A week later she faced Babalwa, who'd gained her reputation as a monster of a fighter. Kurhula won, reversing the defeat. It was as though she were a different woman.

Kurhula was indebted to the little artist who'd changed her life.

But kept silent in the aftermath. She felt terrible and was miserable, as the result of her victory created a wave of anger in Babalwa which led her to the school of magic.
Leaving Thato alone.

The rivalry dissolved before it started along with all of the family's money. She was on top and the excitement was gone.

Kurhula made a deal with Thato to stay with each other. Somehow, with the horror show that had just happened, they'd decided to stick together. Thato had made a suggestion, travel. The positive energy Kurhula had faded in the eyes of her mother. It didn't matter, her mother wouldn't say no to a Ndlovu-Sana. Not the kid who'd burned the entire merchants guild. And so... she was free!

The pair traveled to the Nomlanga Tree, the oldest tree in Sedibeng. Thato was determined to examine the grand library which held the greatest collection of Ufele history and knowledge. Eventually her future husband Khaya, the most attractive and sociable man in Sedibeng, he was amazing and the pair made sense together. He literally made Thato a better person.

To their surprise, Kurhula also met and even fought the Bantu House's hotshot while there. It settled the issue of whether the greatest fighter in her age group was her. It was enough to get her started on her need to fight all over again.

Thato put her foot down, the woman could be insane. When Thato set her mind on a point, her words would stop being like surgical knives, but a landslide of Warhammers; crushing with every syllable.

Literally grabbing Kurhula by the neck she forced the girl to study. More demanding and merciless than any of her worst teachers. But what people didn't understand about Thato was just how strong she was. There was a true king that no one would ever see and it wasn't Kurhula. So she took the pain.

She had a great deal to read about, as reading "wasn't her thing". Under Thato and the house of Ndlovu-Sana that wouldn't fly.

The first thing she was forced to master was business history and the history of information and it's ability spread. All while Thato learned about trees and medicine, sending, with Kurhula and Khaya's aid, correspondences with dozens of medics at the same time. Many communicating over Thato's theories in medicine and anthropology. There was a human book of medicine of high value with Kurhula's name on it, though she had to form a false name.

The work was revolutionary, these involved swimming in renown, it hurt not having her name there. It was fame for the family and attention from her mother. It was crushing that Thato demanded she say no. There was a reason for it. And she wouldn't let ego put them at risk because big names could easily be knocked down.
Kurhula wasn't okay with it. Thato had to do something.

Thato presented an idea, create her own book, based on something that Kurhula genuinely loved.

A good fight.

Kurhula put her best foot forward with "The Perfect Punch".

A book that detailed the intricacies of the Ufele body, more specifically the Chui to create a match ending punch. The book broke down enough potential weaknesses that, if studied, should be effective for any Ufele.

It sold better than she'd imagined.

The time spent in Nomlanga was some of her best. For a time, she was pampered, a rock star. Her name shouted. But it had to end. The true 'work' had to begin. It was entirely possible to become rich by fighting. But her mother made it clear, that being rich for one's self would never be enough.

She needed to do something that would separate their noble house from being Grounds Keepers.

The answer came in the form of cables, the very cables that Thato had given her as training material. She could make something unique out of it.

  Kurhu Cables, something which, in both her territory and others, became the future of the Nobu-Ganga people. The cables created helped both herself and Thato build in the skies and with the money built, underground structures, something considered taboo and now the group had over half a dozen safe houses. All built by Ndlobu family, members willing to follow and to Kurhula's utter surprise, her mother passed up her position as Matriarch and gave it to her. 

The change over upset a great number of people. Most especially after she took a knee for Thato who wasn't even a Matriarch.
[br Even with Thato being engaged to a commoner. A general taboo for Nobility, childbearing is acceptable.

Thato accepted, but took it as a marriage proposal, matching the Lehare culture, tying each other together before Babalwa came back.

Her and Babalwa were very polite but before Babalwa returned, Kurhula was Thato's strength. But Thato and Babalwa had always kept in touch, writing every day no matter what. It was good therapy for Thato. But it wasn't upsetting, after all, she had the real thing.

All letters were deeply encrypted with a mixture of different codes that'd be a nightmare to decipher.

There was true work to be done and money to be made, all of it run by a teenager with Thato as an advisor. There was work to be done and with the closest friends and family, she was barely sleeping, there was no time. Kurhu Cables had cords spanning the entire Jongiwe Tree, spreading to others.

Kurhu bumped into a big-mouthed Chui architect, Obakeng Zola. She humbled but that same man's big mouth won her over in the long run. The marriage was more than advantageous for both parties, Kurhula Cables was not exactly connected, which they'd always rendered by selling their wares exclusively to the Grounds Keepers, the groups and individuals before selling to the many municipalities.

Thato was a huge issue. The extent to which Thato did not trust him was beyond control. His was technically a commoner too, but his connections to the Bantu House was something, to Thato, was too deep to ignore. It could not have been a coincidence.

He never won her over, but it wasn't for lack of trying. It was clear he was still deeply connected with the Bantu who'd financed his family and his life. But he'd proudly separate their work and play.

Thato would have no choice but to have faith in Kurhula, if not Obakeng.

Obakeng was a man with a Lehare family meaning she now technically had two wives. A Lehare wife with a high station whose dream was to open her own business with ties to the Tommy Breakers in West Sun Sibini, a big deal for Thato. They too became close but the love was with Obakeng until she met Unaka.

Unaka the criminal, a talented mathematician, together, including Thato and Babalwa and two massive Cabu tribes, created a grand structure capable of tying both the sky and the ground. This stood out and even drew the attention of Nomvula who'd come to see its completion.

With no wood used they created a structure capable of safely holding massive stores from all-weather that could last decades and capable of sustaining a great deal of life. The plant life coming specifically from a perfume that was considered to be an insect repellant. Dust becoming soil and more plants growing until it quickly grew veins. Grounds Keepers, Babalwa and Thato specifically coming to check its functionality. Using their creations, cacoons were created, heavy-duty nets that holding tons of cargo. They stored goods which could be pulled to the road. The money was great but the work had a purpose and that purpose was growth.

Any griping the family had had was gone, she'd done it. She'd achieved the Ndlobu goal and was earning enough revenue to improve all their lives. Her mother had no choice but to be proud. Her sisters would no longer fight to take back power but instead, help with the business to keep up with the impossible demand while Kurhula got to dream and fall in love. Try to be happy and help those that loved her. And... maybe get into one or two fights.

Current Location
Year of Birth
327 UA 27 Years old
Aligned Organization

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