Grounds Keepers

    This is a position with limited prestige, but a great value to the god trees and the Sedi people.

    The goal of the Grounds Keepers is to ensure the well being of the God Trees, recording as much information as possible.

    This data is then brought to the Council of Ground Keepers.

    Grounds Keepers can be extremely invasive, coming into people's homes to inspect the grounds, checking for deterioration and the like.

    People are wary of them having a great deal of almost mayoral power, or at least zonal power, deciding what goes where.

    The number of Ground Keepers tend to be high, running from fifty to fifteen thousand on a single GOD Tree.

    Different districts are run by Ground keeper groups where they convene in order to create reports.

    Group reports are made once every pale and fire moon.
    The Master Grounds Keepers who can leader fifty to hundred (Generally fifty) per area as per needed.

    Masters will travel to the Royal Tree and spend a week going over every piece of information before the Royal Qengeba family who keep record.



There’s a range of qualifications needed before you are hit with a great deal of testing.
Research / Scientific
Famous in the Field
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