The Lehare

They're a subspecies of the Imosi race. They, much like the other subspecies, can lift many times their weight.
They have average strength compound to other species, humans included, but make up for it with above-average agility.
They're medium types, slightly taller than the others but short, compared to many.
They have black straight hair, which crosses to their shoulder blades.

Biology Traits


They are also an aggressive species, specializing in combat, with tough backs and an iron constitution.


Their tongues are longer than human tongues.


Despite their general aptitude, they're not able to swim well with those who manage, feeling awkward and violated.
Despite their aggressive nature; they tend to work against themselves; trying to belong, tempered, but very much like the Black Air Raiders, they're fascinated and physically attracted to fighting, drawn in by the flow of the movement.
But culturally they prefer martial arts. It's form and beauty.


They best prefer humid to dry conditions, despite hating large bodies of water or being wet, they quite do enjoy the heat.


Tailgating is a sport, exclusive to their tail's incredible reflexes, the game is very much like a high-speed hybrid between netball and extreme frizzby as the ball being thrown by the most professional players produces speeds that could easily decapitate a human. Also, the game is dangerous in that prolonged play could lead to breakage and permanent injury.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

The Lehlare are fur, types, their fur grows long and thick, their tails traditionally used as cooling during the winters.

Their tales are unique, active enough to almost have a mind of their own. The unconscious mind of all Imosi is powerful, capable of processing information as quickly and effectively as the conscious mind, when prompted the right way. The Lehare tails are the strongest parts of their bodies and theirs are the most active and intelligent.

Ecology and Habitats

Lehlare, are best suited for two types of terrain, snow capped mountain and the dense forest. Their tails can act as anchors, shields, extra hands and powerful weapons.

They allow them to carry items many times their own weight. Which is why their civilisations are tree based where they can swing as fast or, sometimes faster than the Inqindu people. But where the Inqindu people barrel through, creating what can be called "the green road". It's literally possible for the Lehlare to not brake a single branch.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

Intelligence on a Lehare is a double edged sword as technically they're smarter than the average human. But that intelligence lives almost entirely in the sub-conscious. This exists as a means of control designed to, in detail, control every function of the tale. This mental power is so clear that their tales can quite literally be smarter than their heads.
There's an unwritten custom that most children will be taught by their tails as they're tales are a part of them and can absorb information.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They're physically light but extremely agile. Able to use their tale to do almost everything, this ranges from climbing, to reading, opening a door and dancing.

Civilization and Culture

Beauty Ideals

They define themselves by the state of their fur which ages rapidly but also quite effectively reflects their mental and physical well being. An ugly or decrypted by their hair being lost altogether. They have thick and full hair running down to their feet and knuckles and wrists and when its lost it will make the Imosi naturally recoil. Giving off a fight or flight reflex. In-fact some Imosi of the Lehlare type have been known to attack, their own in violent rebellion.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Most naturally speak the common tongue with no vernac of their own, but their dialect is quite unique as it moves from fast to slow, and switches with a long extension of a single word.   "I am thirsty Maybeeeeee weshouldtryeating out on Thursday."


Their history is at least at one point dominance, mass slaughter and their eventual defeat and rebuilding.

Are considered to be the primes of the imosi race. Ruled, in fighting, divided them and special tribes broke away.

The remaining were unified by a single King. Working hard, he brought them to arms, to extend their territory.

The resistance they met were limited,and they swept over them like hurricane and left no prisoners, the Iihagu people. They were bigger, just as strategic and had sense the Lehare did not have. also the Iihagu left no prisoners. Literally eating their enemies until, in some cases they left nothing behind.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
60 years
Average Height
1.4 meters to 1.8 meters, 1.7 and up being very tall, like ridiculously tall and everything more is shocking.
Average Weight
This varies from 30kg to 50kg, anything more is considered morbidly obese
Average Physique
Their fairly thin, with wider chests, but thin waists but gave a semi 'Y' shape to their bodies. Their leg and arms are thick and muscular with the back of their necks having bunched muscle and hair there growing longest, looking like furry capes when naked women having her there extended on their spines.


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