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The Ndlobu House

They are an offshoot of the Ndlovu-Sana family, blood relatives who'd have chosen to work outside the greater duties of the Grounds Keeper's, which is greatly looked down upon by those within the main house.

  They have a scientific sweet tooth that has been secretly fed by Thato Ndlovu-Sana as they become bannermen, not of war but of research.   


  The current head of the Ndlobu House is Kurhula. Kurhula is older than Thato but takes to her every word. 

  Kurhula and Thato, together with the help of a few others, created an underground facility under the Thato House. All of which runs as deep as two levels and grows constantly. With them experimenting with chemicals, elementals, animals, and dead bodies.



  Their symbol being fire and a hammer.  

West Sun Sibini

West Sun Sibini is where the Ndlobu clan hold the most land. Much to the ruling House's annoyance. What is unknown is the extent of the growth. The ceiling of all three levels is generally a Cabucabu and Municipality issue. With the help of the Thembeko tribe, they've taken up an amazing amount of real estate in the sky.

Legally no tax can be taken from what's not not land. Meaning they can operate up top and use the land for mass storage of their own goods along with others, through companies created by the new Matriarch with the help of her friends.

Nature's Arm

Geopolitical, Great house
Parent Organization
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