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Ziyeza Ndlobu

Ziyeza Ndlobu

  Born first, and therefore destined to be the Matriarch of the entire clan, that comes with a mission statement that is to be followed. The responsibility is huge, the requirements needed of her are huge, but she, by no means has to do it alone.

That was the biggest lesson her mother learned from being a leader struggling with 'the life' in the beginning.


Communications and Math

There was a new rule that was certified by the entire family, it would be important every Matriarch be qualified and up to date as a Grounds Keeper, while not being one themselves, they had a duty to expand their scientific endeavours.



The meld between themselves and their partner nature is something the Ndlobu have wanted to put together something that will improve their relationship with nature.
New medicine, new research and technology have always been a key element of their beliefs.
The direction was extremely straight forward for Ziyeza who loved all things exotic. But she was a Matriarch. There would be no way to be free to play, she had to be strong for the family, deligating intelligently and making the clan effective, there'd be no making everyone happy.

  Not when she had a mission to try to expand the family mission statement, but sadly, that 'big thing' never came.


Master Grounds Keeper

But that was not to mean that her work would achieve nothing. Outside of maintaining the quality of their thorough auditing methods, money would mostly be spent to maintain the entire political chain. The money put aside was thrown directly into research for the future.

But suddenly the dream came true. One of the biggest political pieces showed up. The research came together and both her aunts, Rolihlahla and Alison Ndlobu have created a series of books on road work and potential improvements on modular woodwork designs.

Modular designs are a potential new wave that will improve the lives of all Chui.

It was good research and a good thesis, one with real practical applications. It wasn't enough for new technology, merely an improvement on existing technology.

But winning a position as a Master Grounds Keeper is more complicated than simply getting the post. One has to reach multiple requirements in terms of research, journals and theories. But that's just the start. As the position is one of the highest power, it must be voted upon. And the votes are only held once a year and there is no guarantee of even being nominated again if your nomination is failed the first time. And it is extremely rare for one to get the nomination again based on what was last offered as an achievement, one would have to create a wholly new thesis and achievement.

The value of the win is indescribable. It meant support from the top houses, new money, new access to journals the likes many can never see.

A choice had to be made and that would be to throw money into getting her two aunts up. It became the most important thing in the world.

Word of the thesis had to be put out amongst other Grounds Keepers Across The God Tree. Not just The Jongiwe Tree but The Nomlanga Tree and all God Trees to collect the right amount of attention. That cost resources, time money. The older ladies couldn't just be everywhere at once, they needed delegates, people to argue the point and negotiate. Thankfully they were loyal to The Ndlovu-Sana and would get support from there.

For a year and a half, her life was a nightmare, sleepless nights, deals negotiations for votes and many promises and public battles. Her family travelled Sedibeng to fight as she was in a position of weakness, not being a Grounds Keeper herself as many Ndlobu were. But she succeeded.

Both her aunts succeeded on the number of votes and were made Master Grounds Keepers.


It did not come cheap. The act of becoming a speaker for those votes meant a great deal of the family budget was spent, her reputation was strained as she had had to make big promises to get many votes and had to fight to follow through. Her sisters were a gift, a godsend but it was still all on her. It took years for things to achieve a semblance of balance. But it was just something they were, as a house going to have to live with. And her daughters would have to continue the grand Ndlobu vision. She would just keep them intact.

Current Location
Year of Birth
305 UA 49 Years old
Aligned Organization


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