Ntabiseng Ndlobu

Ntabiseng Ndlobu

The plan was to expand as a family, be more than simple Grounds Keepers. They struggled to do it outside of the highest positions, Ie A Munch or just below. And they just did not have the political power to gain Municipality votes.
The door was closed, the same applied for the role of Master Grounds Keepers.

Her being the oldest daughter of The Ndlobu, she did her best to accept all backup she could get from The Ndlobu Family but it wasn't enough.

As a house they were profitable but middling at best.


  There was money coming in, a tribute from Grounds Keepers. The vast majority of money coming from land ownership, and lease deals before the money was tributed to the higher houses.
As the oldest daughter, she had to best know the math of the finances as the number of retainers were limited, she could do it. Clean books turned out to be something she was pretty good at.

Proactive Book Keepers

It was an odd skill, math, seemingly useless it proved to be her greatest tool. The land ownership deals proved to be twice as lucrative as she hired the most talented mathematicians.
Tight numbers, strict auditing, put pressure on all their family. She had to be the tough one, it would be a cross she would bear.
It did what it was supposed to do, and her family managed to increase the amount of land and host events and increase the work done on their lands.
The rent increased, their wealth grew and they spent it as well as they could to buy time, time to do more than survive. A chance to be more than just be a Grounds Keepers.

Grounds Keepers and Nobles

As many Grounds Keepers as possible were needed. A Grounds Keeper vote is a vote loyal to the Ndlovu-Sana House, which means worlds more than anything, because of it, their tributes were left low, taken, then given back, when she, herself decided not to take the lessons and Grounds Keeper tests.

It naturally brought a new tension, the nobles feeling like they were being abandoned, cheated of votes in Grounds Keeper duties. She had absolutely vital moments to prove her loyalty to both groups, her own Grounds Keepers, who must absolutely bring in more Grounds Keepers or she'll lose her gifts, a balancing act and so many years of thought were brought in to keep her going.

Grounds Keeper Explosion

This got more difficult when the Grounds Keeper explosion began and new teaching methods brought new challenges as the remaining Ndlobu had to keep up. They needed to recruit and pull more family members in. It was difficult as it meant everyone. It was impossible to keep up with, she needed help.


She had two sisters, Alison Ndlobu and Rolihlahla Ndlobu, both had become competent Grounds Keepers. All that had been earned had taken her gripping hard on her goals and squeezing with every ounce of her power. It was hard but she had to break away from some element of her own control. She had to give. It took time, it even hurt to do, but everything she had, and ensuring they had everything needed. Money, manpower, building access, books, records any and all resources. There was a boom in the number of votes. It was hell, but their combined efforts kept the tributes given low, their influence high and people motivated, which she maintained until she could bring up her daughters to work, together.

Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Former Mtriarch of Ndlobu.
Year of Birth
290 UA 64 Years old
First Word
Current Residence
The Royal
Aligned Organization


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