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Tommy Breakers, Privates



  • Requires Recruitment Office training.   Once Fully qualified as physically fit, you are allowed to be a Private. The training acting as a test and a means to see a man's temperament. A way to clear out the crazies.
  • Career Progression

    One does not only have to be a Tommy Breaker Private.  
    1. Tommy Breakers, Privates
    2. Tommy Breakers, Lieutenant
    3. Tommy Breakers, Corporal
    4. Tommy Breaker, Lance Corporal
    5. Tommy Breaker, Captain
    6. Tommy Breaker, Major
    7. Tommy Breaker, General
      There's the side groupings of special ranks but these are exclusive to those who prove themselves and are pulled into the grouping by specialists who run those separate organisations.  
  • Tommy Breaker, Marshal
  • Tommy Breaker. Field Marshal
  • Payment & Reimbursement

    They directly handed Enduku gold.

    Other Benefits

    A weekly check, which is rarely ever anything to be sneezed at. Literally every person in the neighborhood knows who you are and every Tommy Breaker is shown a certain level of reverence and caution, as they are supported by the government.



    Their purpose is to enforce justice and to maintain the peace.

    Social Status

    The social status is above that of the average citizen with popularity and fame growing the bigger neighborhoods where the word of the average man is financially worth more where as the poorer areas prove the opposite with Tommy Breakers.


    There are a great deal of Tommy breakers with there being a Tommy Break or a Tommy breaker associate being available on every street.


    This history of the Tommy Breakers is not a human one but one built from the Kgapa. Their need for justice was one that trumped the use or military troops within the main cities.
    Using the ways of the Kgapa breakers, the Tommy Breakers were formed, the name coming from the name of the gangs which used to cause trouble within the city of Nyanga, one of the first mega cities within the Black Thorne.



    There are a few tools:
  • You are given a badge made of pure silver.
  • You are given a crossbow
  • A billy Club, otherwise known as the education hammer.
  • And a 'door knocker'
  • Dangers & Hazards

    Robbery, injury and death are real risks within the life of a Tommy Breaker. It's one of the reasons that Tommy Breakers are trained so hard and work together in groups. Team work is not a way of gaining an advantage it's a means of survival.
    Alternative Names
    In such a bustling city, there is a great need of order
    Their legal power is not absolute, but far beyond that of an individual.
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