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Nozipho Ndlovu-Sana

Nozipho Ndlovu-Sana

She's an intellectual powerhouse, and not for a moment was she meant to be the Matriarch.
There wasn't even a political battle, the Matriarch wasn't even her mother. Instead her aunt, who had it good with The Ndlovu House who were a force to be reckoned with.

Only her mother, Mbalientle Ndlovu-Sana couldn't have cared less. The Matriarch was not pulling her weight and kissing up to The Ndlovu House in Sedibeng, who were not deserving of their servitude.

Nozipho became one of the youngest Grounds Keepers in history and wasn't able to be promoted until her forties due to politics, and the Ndlovu House's fear. The Ndlovu House ruled despite their limited number, enough to shut her dreams down but Nozipho was undaunted. For ten years with the money her mother had given her, she began schooling programs. Collecting youth and personally mentoring them.

She created a call for all Ndlovu-Sana youth, most from extended family. Before anyone knew what was happening, in a decade, there were over a hundred Grounds Keepers that were introduced to the Sibini, starting in North Sibini and spreading across the entire Jongiwe tree.

In another decade, the number doubled, the result led to her being voted into the position of Master Grounds Keeper.


No one loves children more than Nozipho and she is so committed to her children. She incorporated her work with her children mentoring them deeply along with their father.

Nobomi and Nomvula were a gift every parent dreamed of, fiercely intelligent, ambitious and exploding with an energy Nozipho would dedicate all her research to. They were aflame, they just needed to be nurtured. It started with Nobomi, that was when she started with her ambitions, all but plotting to make them happy. That was a key element of her thinking. Happiness was a foundation.
One that needed safety and stability, if set correctly it could persist in the most active of routines.
One could follow without being crushed. Responsibility, the most important thing for anyone to have when growing could be followed on a happy foundation. But happy and strong could so easily become antithetical to each other. With Nobomi she put too much effort into safety, coddling her child nearly to the point of causing harm. Nobomi was ten years old when she had a trade match, her sheltered side all but ingrained by the time she was put out into the wild to face the upper world on the ceiling of her universe.

She came back tough, eyes wide and hungry but it could turn off too easy. Not a perfect response which was why Nomvula, the fussy child was nearly six when she was brought to the ceiling, she came back a domineering weapon of mass destruction. It was in no way planned, but somehow it was the younger sister who was to be the family protector, which was a good thing. Something she could work with because one of her greatest fears was a battle with the house falling because one sister demanded the throne so great resources were opened to steering their responsibilities, that their ambitions went in the right direction, it required an impossibly careful touch. But her girls were happy, hard-working and committed to greater goals all the time. It was deeply moving and enough not only to shape the house but the entire Jongiwe tree.


Family Ties


Nozipho Ndlovu-Sana


Towards Themba Ndlovu-Sana

Themba Ndlovu-Sana


Towards Nozipho Ndlovu-Sana

Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
274 UA 80 Years old


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