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Qiniso Ndlovu-Sana

Qiniso Ndlovu-Sana


She is the loving child of a noble Patriarch of a Great House and a successful merchant clan of paper makers and printers. This technically means that she has less noble blood than most of her family, but by family honor and law, she is still the oldest and her families lands go to her. No one would ever take that from her.

But born the oldest of the second born son of the Prime Matriarch meant she could never get the position of future Prime, unless the current Prime resigned her position to her, skipping family. Something that exists as a law but is never to be acted upon by The Ndlovu-Sana House as a means to effectively prevent war and bloodshed.

But even though her father understood this, her mother, Bazani Ndlovu-Sana did not.
Even if invisible, Bazani could still see a chance at usurping the family title as the mother of the Prime Matriarch. She is ambitious when she really was not allowed to be.

But she as a parent of a young child in a Ndlovu-Sana House had huge expectations when it came to the time she had to give to her child to guide her. And she was determined to raised her child right set her on the right path, a borderline capital crime in the eyes of the Ndlovu-Sana.

Because of kids were groomed to be great leaders with an active warrior mindset, none more so than Qiniso.


Qiniso was a young kid when she was picked up by the family, her mother receiving the promotion she'd always deserved and was being given her own command, even if it was on the Ohongo Tree. It was tough, but it made her parents happy, it was a Qengeba location.

It was hard keeping up, but so worth it as she got to be with both her parents as they set toots within the Ohongo Tree. Also her grand mother and great grand mother would write to her constantly, it was very much a formal affair with the letters looking more than progress reports but it was something she got to share with the whole family.


The trade was not an easy thing for her, the Cabu were too untamed and it was her mother who put her foot down, but there had to be a trade, there was no level of sweet talking or compromising there.

It hurt to leave young Velaphi Ndlovu-Sana behind but law was law. And as a compromise she returned to The Jongiwe Tree to spend a year with the Thembeko Princess, (13,326) Botshelo Thembeko and (17,322) Kedibone Thembeko, Kedi being the old but less mature and Botshelo the reconcile or made sure she stayed safe while engaging in some of the most fun she'd ever had in her life while being the most free. She learned of her the water systems worked and could be better managed and what roles they follow to keep the tree healthy.


Her return was not immediate, and she would spend time with her family in Jongiwe while getting her family in Jongiwe while getting her required lessons in the required lessons in the required lessons in the required Grounds Keepers program. Thanks to her fathers lessons, she was not bad at all in catching on in leadership and being a people's person, even though, she was more on an introvert herself. But she'd never say no to travel, being a kid, she was treated like royalty with an expiration date, a fact hammered into her by the whole family.


She was still travelling from tree to tree, a difficult task for most and a dangerous one, but she followed through, even going with her mother in military training and recon across Sedibeng and she truly fell in love with the base of Sedibeng, a dangerous location that could kill as easily as it could awe, some of the entire nation's largest creatures having made their homes over the centuries but still, there were amazing things to journal as her Grounds Keepers training expanded further than most, quicker than most, but her mother was not happy wanting her to put in more effort in the land they'd moved to, guilty her over not helping fast enough. Seeing off her brother she decided to make her mother happy and there she used what she'd learned to become a leading figure amongst the young aspiring Grounds Keepers.


Being home meant politics, her father was around and as a growing leader and a direct descendant from a successful Great House, and naturally a man, it made no sense for him to only have one wife or produce from one woman.
Slindile Ndlovu-Sana had already jump ahead and added, a Ilosi Yetsimbi woman, who co-signed a but of hunting land with, Boipelo Thole of The Noble Thole House. She is an Ilosi Yetsimbi, who is a younger daughter barely having crossed over to birthing age but the only key the main branch could offer up along with money for the lease agreement for the land. The Ndlovu-Sanawere a powerful great house. It was open and shut and because of it, she now had a second mother. And upon her resettling she had a third mother. All before Velaphi Ndlovu-Sana came back after his trade. She got to look after the Kuvuka Clan daughter (11) Cebile Kuvuka, who was a treat to 'civilize'. Bazani Ndlovu-Sana had real prejudices from her life as a merchant, but everyone else more than made up for her. Each wife struggled to reconcile it.

Baby Mthavini Ndlovu-Sana was a gem and someone everyone loved Mofonto too, but as a mix, there was a lot of fascination when it came to her.


At 13 she was a younger qualified Grounds Keeper with access to dealings involving the ceilings and general ground and plant activities that tied better than it should have with ground work, using her mother's military work to grow The Ndlovu-Sana Grounds Keepers base. The juggling required with her just being a teenager was daunting but her father was there, her mother too and soon she had family retaining supporting her and her own ground of young aspiring family listening to her. Little she was doing was revolutionary but it also did not have to be there was a great deal of work and they were the people to do it.

She was carving trust and faith into the Ohongo tree and even its base, all while never losing contact with the family who were interested in her work.  

348 - The War

The war was madness, and she was in a state of madness as the family was in disarray as her sister had refused to come home after the right time for the trade to end. They as a family had shamed themselves neglecting their own child. Mafanto Ndlovu-Sana had been deeply traumatized by her time, forcing the family including the Prime and an army to collect Mafanto. What had started as a moment of pride, their family taking command, had become a disgrace, one that hung with the through the war.

To atone in her own way Qiniso had thrown herself into the war effort and had created a great many war achievements. The one that got people's attention was her pregnancy from one of her commanders. She was sent home, only for war to end in defeat, they'd achieved the goal of letting water flow, but the failure to secure anything and be forced to retreat due to a failure in resources was a disaster.  


She had a second child from the same man, not wanting to marry but instead simply keep her boys, the one year old Awonke and the new borne Andiswe together as they went to show respect at the funeral for Khaya Raider, the family had come out the war with amazing results and greater achievements. But it was a stab to the heart to watch Thato Ndlovu-Sana struggle to deal with the loss, confirming her own need to want to simply look after her children without dealing with father issues, her ambitions were her children.


Family Ties


2 Kids

Awonke 6 M
Andiswa 5 M
Year of Birth
333 UA 21 Years old
Aligned Organization


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