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Esasa Ndlovu-Sana

Esasa Ndlovu-Sana

Esasa is the second born, the embodiment of the family raising each other as a unit. But that meant little to her as Esasa proved to be one of the fussiest little girls in the world.

Her food tastes were specific, her clothing, the books she read, the instruments she played or even listened to was painfully specific.

It was a pain and a nightmare but if she thought Nomvula Ndlovu-Sana would take that lying down, she was crazy.

The method to fix that was through Gatsha Ndlovu-Sana, her cousin of the same age, she was forced to share everything.

Picking over a blue toy? Fine, Gatsha Ndlovu-Sana would get it. Didn't want to study that book? Then Gatsha Ndlovu-Sana would and get amazing rewards.

At first, it didn't work, but then they had to share a room in two houses being under shared custody. The pair fought, Esasa finally losing her mind and fighting for what was hers, planting her flag wherever she could, fighting to get more.

It worked almost too well, they'd created a monster. But to Nomvula Ndlovu-Sana, it was the better deal. Take a Jokai over a puppy any day.

Esasa took to her mandatory training with a chaotic gusto, letting her competitive side out. She did extra on her martial arts practice, she started her work on officer training, reading and practicing ahead of time, which she was always determined to be. It was exciting for Nomvula Ndlovu-Sanawho would get excited every time her daughter asked a new question.

She wasn't inquisitive per se' but rather hungry, goal orientated, determined to get ahead of her mother, her retainers and​ Grounds Keepers. The only person she looked up to more were her grandparents. She worked like a maniac to copy them.

She worried about her mother's work because it wasn't the family goal to create what already existed. But the girl was super particular about, copying. She wanted to copy her grandfather's ability to create community service programs, to build retainers and communities, her grandmother's brilliance in expanding their entire house. She had to copy both mother's ability to expand the family legacy.

One day, she showed up with her own Archers Teams creating a tournament as a means to fundraise for mathematics. It was something not done before and brought a tear to her mother's eye.

Not only did they raise thousands in Taung gold, but there were also over two dozen elders presenting children who'd passed their tests. Tests that found those best qualified to be trained by The Ndlovu-Sana House.

The duties spread from market manager to accountant. There was always a need for accountants, almost as big a need as warriors. Hundreds of thousands in Taunggold used, she then did more.

She wouldn't be a Queen but she'd create for her family.

Esasa blasted right through the officer training, possessing potentially the longest lasting record for best and fastest completion. It wasn't enough so when offered the officer position, she declined, creating something new. Esasa put herself through the Grounds Keeper training. The Ndlovu-Sana were rarely that spiritual, instead working with the different groups even staying an Archers Player.

Then she disappeared...

She was on a pilgrimage to speak to other Chui outside of Sedibeng, visiting the High Spear Clan and joining battles that had nothing to do with her. She debated, 'the way' and the partnership between Nature and Life.

She did well, setting up a home within the land, bringing back people, mainly the soft-hearted and young, those who'd done well with the test, but they weren't alone. Other talk of Ufeleyetsimbi slaves were brought to her.

She was on an adventure, a dangerous one. Her mother would be furious when she came back but their family would never recover if she died.

It was for the best.

They silently destroyed bases, freeing everyone inside with the help of the Umbaleki. They returned to Sedibeng Sedibeng with over two thousand Chuiin tow. Esasa stayed below the trees, building a settlement and a landing platform for Grounds Keepers under the name of the Ndlovu-Sana House.
Current Location
Year of Birth
315 UA 39 Years old
Aligned Organization


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