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The Ndlovu-Sana in Sedibeng

The natural primes and children of The Ndlovu-Sana. The need being to pay The Ndlovu House their tax.

To support the people;

But at the top of that list is to ensure the survival of The God Trees

The best means for this has always been through The Grounds Keepers. Their grandmother, Nozipho Ndlovu-Sana produced a mentorship system designed to ensure, through extreme hard work, the most extreme starting regimes which make the wards to through multiple initiations from most Master Grounds Keeper By the end the tests are a simple means to get through. All Ndlovu-Sana must go through it all, once it had to be aspiring Grounds Keepers, but once the successes started rolling in.

But when it comes to being a part of the Ndlovu-Sana House, one must learn the names and faces of all The Ndlovu-Sana family. They must know each other, must be able to identify each other.

Literacy is God in all Chui clans, without exception, they start from conception to death, multiple libraries constructed, safes and vaults that never see sunlight. There lie the most seemingly insignificant of information, test dates, histories, birthdays, how they're spent, how they're enjoyed. The more important people's information is archived in detail and studied by the family's retainers, who've been sworn to secrecy by their most faithful.


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