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The Sonani House

  They are not believers in slavery, or any form of bondage. Instead what they believe in, like many Ufele, the assimilation of ways and knowledge; Freedom from bondage is a powerful tool that brings all parties together and grows their people. And their way is what keeps them working together.  

They have a constitution and a bill of unassailable rights. These cannot be taken away from any member of the clan flying their banner.

They're profoundly strict on their way of life, with a strong sense of “In and out”

Those under the constitution and those who are not. They have ceremonies where they are tested and prove their knowledge and understanding by having to recite the way and constitution and be questioned by elders or members of the “Skull”.

The banner is a point of virtue to many a clan member. They'd die for their colours as it's their refuge when their morality is tested.

They hold a philosophy that better teaches, ‘virtue with nature’, believing people 'stand with nature' but 'no person is enough to thrive alone'. Harmony is needed, But none should be fool enough to believe themselves friends or even an alley of nature. It will take working together just to stand, let alone keep pace.

The constitution they live by is fluid. There being many a need to work beyond its limitations. This is done by adding what is called, ‘The Specifics’.
There are three types of specifics:

Natural Specifics
Timed Specifics
Grand Specifics

Every member of the clan, no matter the history, must follow Natural Specifics. These are your Natural Rights. These must be protected and enforced by what they call the Body Politic. These rights hold the right to live, to defend oneself and their own.

These Natural rights must be protected and enforced by these they call the Body Politic. These rights will hold the right to live, to defend oneself and their own.

Then come Timed Specifics, these are the most common. These are rules that add upon or recontext Natural Specifics. Adding context and definition to a rule so it can be enforced in the best way to help those under the constitution. But this needs a majority vote and at least a year before the laws are immediately dissolved. To be kept, these must be voted on.

Then there are the Grand Specifics, these are hard to add as they need the approval of two-thirds of an entire population in a territory and that rule is specific only to the territory. Even if there are three Sonani in a territory they must become the Body Politic and vote accordingly.

Body Politic

The Body Politic needs a skull, a heart, and a fist. Each of these are points of power that do not possess the right to vote. At least a fourth must be the one who votes. The constitution demands a Body Politic and it must be fed.

A contribution is always given to the body politic on the very specific condition that what's given is to open the doors of opportunity for the Blood / People and that the Blood / People know why.

There are many schools of thought that go into the running of their system, each attempting to the boosting value and success of their achievements, after all, what's the value of an interpretation if it does not produce results, wealth, food, family or power? And what greater power is there beyond the vote? Votes from the general population in order to make the clan move.

The Body Politic

Geopolitical, Great house
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Power Structure
Economic System
Mixed economy
Judicial Body
The Skull is the Legislative and with the Fist is the muscle.


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