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Sisipho Ndlovu-Sana

Sisipho Ndlovu-Sana

Few people could imagine the sight of the man who would tame someone intense and fiercely intelligent Nomvula Ndlovu-Sana. But it did happen, a young man named Nothanda Kaya, a man from one of the smaller clans, a slim of municipality workers who did the impossible and qualified to be Grounds Keepers, they'd successfully introduced their fourth candidate more than some noble houses had. She married him immediately, arranging everything herself. Even speaking to her husband's family. And from it, they produced their first child.

Sisipho who didn't have the pressure of pending royalty but instead the pressure of the overbearing mother who could smother and be too busy, the same could be said of her father who was a proud Grounds Keeper, determined to become a Master Grounds Keeper.

This is supposed to mean that they're distant, but the pair of them were there every morning, they slept together, when the family traveled for research, she would come too, involving in everything even fight over potential suiters for the next child and the value of polygamy and who should be procreating more.

She was taught all techniques of study becoming well-read in many fields while few become well versed in simply being able to read.

She was good, she did well through her mentorships, growing from success to success, impressing those who would listen.

She was her mother's girl and daddy's angel, the firstborn, not royalty but a paragon, her family had spread all across The Jongiwe Tree and because of it she knew she had to set up roots elsewhere.

The two trees she's been most infested in and are ere targets for intellectual growth, power, and legacy; The Cebisa Tree and Nomandla Tree, her eyes looking to the future new tree, the Ndonsa Tree. She chooses one of the higher levels of the Slindile tree, a gentle nod to their ancestry.

She is still in regular communications with the family, taking advantage of the information network on their side. Not creating early relations with The Golden Eagles on the Jongiwe tree was a regretful reality which she has been fighting tooth and nail to rectify but life so far away from the main family isn't easy. But she has always prided herself in a strong work ethic and started to turn seeds from families already there into sturdy roots.

Upper Levels

The higher upon the six livable tiers one is, the less developed and more controlled by the Grounds Keepers but are also the most dangerous. Determined she bought real estate at the top tier with the specific purpose of owning new land. Because she, like most Non-Chui, could not own land but as a noble, she could buy land. The upper tiers being the cheapest. From there she works determined to leave a groundwork for those there and those coming in.

Year of Birth
312 UA 42 Years old
Aligned Organization


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