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Nangamaso Ndlovu-Sana

Nangamaso Ndlovu-Sana (a.k.a. Gama)

She's the firstborn of Sisipho's family, the most adorable and first grandchild of the Ndlovu-Sana House. She was spoilt rotten, adored and cared for like no other, which was why it was such a shock when a section of the family got up and left to the Slindile tree.

The family on her mother's side work with their arms of to be a part of the family and were greatly awarded for it, so though she always got what she wanted her mother immediately to shut it down. Her mother almost going as a far as expelling entire retainer families, accusing them of limiting the potential of a Ndlovu-Sana child. One of the gravest of crimes. They were not royalty but have power enough follow through on any threat.

The adorable kid's perfect life suddenly was surrounded by books, which she was not keen on but reading she had to participate in as her retainer family was scared to death of failing. In the end, she found a passion in escapism. Avoiding the simpletons, right up until her mother intervened, already working on a third child with the Songelo House within the Slindile Tree.

To kill time she created fun games and puzzles for kids to play with, records of which were a secret point of pride for her mother, who sent each drawing to the Prime Sisters and got back family designs kept over the years. Her baby girl was not an introvert but a genius. Brilliant enough to create highly intelligent mapping systems over the years, even creating ciphers that impressed everyone she showed.  


She naturally took part in the mentorship program of the Ndlovu-Sana House.. She was a big fan of Malusi's exploits, and her cousins Fakazi's troublemaking and was simply amazed by their growing up.

She was troublesome, but never a troublemaker, where there were boundaries, she'd break them, that was her thing. Not to get in trouble but merely to prove a point. It made her seem as though she had limited ambition. In the way she had and when one of her hardest games was solved, the defeated puzzle was returned with a letter with the words, "What's the point?"

It shocked and annoyed her but, she didn't have an answer. The point to 'prove a point' wasn't an answer to any question. But she still replied, quickly got a reply asking for a practical function for her proud work.
She didn't have one.

A year passed in the life of teenage Thato Ndlovu-Sana when she received a box, it was a puzzle, the likes off which she'd never seen.

Gama had just done something amazing. Puzzle boxes weren't a new invention but that one's elegance and sophistication were something unseen. Her mother sold them, paying the very same retainer family to make and promote them, they became a cultural item from within the entirety of the Slindile Tree's Nobility.

She'd found her space, her addition to the Noble House.


She would have had her trade ceremony, which is often considered a little on the late side. Her trade partner being Nontembeko, while staying with her older sisters, Onwabo(20) and Unatty(30) of the Kuvuko tribe.


Family Ties

Year of Birth
328 UA 26 Years old


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