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Master Grounds Keeper

They are the back bone and authority in the entirety of Sedibeng. They have command over the well being of all nature within the territory, most specifically the God trees.

Cataloging is just as important as upon hundreds of minds came together as one in order to spread information to painstaking track the lives of the God Trees, some of those tracking sessions running generations as families building wealth and families around theories over the course of centuries.


You need to have been a Grounds Keepers for a few years first.


  • Years, upon years of experience.
  • An extremely high reading level.
  • Extremely high record-keeping and handwriting.
  • Appointment

    Must be recommended by the oldest of the Master Grounds Keepers. One of the best ways to be noticed is by writing an essay, a thesis or a book on something, making an impact is the best way to fast track a promotion.


    Once every Fire moon they must go to the Royal House in order to report their recordings. Even though a book of the results are collected between the Qengeba royal house. Journals are expected from all houses. It’s a must that all the Master Grounds Keepers is that they write a journal and a book of their thoughts.


    They are responsible for 50 to 100 people.
    Civic, Professional
    It was created by the Ndlovu house but ratified by the Qengeba house.
    Source of Authority
    The Sedibeng Kingdom
    Length of Term
    There's no maximum length as the duty is something you dedicate your whole life to.
    Related Locations

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