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The Golden Eagles

  The Golden Eagles. The Cattle of the Intaka species. At least that was the history of their people. One of submission, it was so completely ingrained into them that it lives in their blood. Something they fight tooth and nail to overcome for the sake of their future. Because, without a willingness to fight they'll be destroyed.

This has been their lifestyle for hundreds of years. To fight their enemies, to grow and defeat their own sense of weakness which threatens to destroy them. Kindness, a disease that threatens to pull them back into subjugation.

Basic Information


Golden Eagles have large colorful wings, which are extremely dense with feathers to accommodate their muscle mass and bone structure.

Biological Traits

There is an actual biological tie between Black Air Raiders and Golden Eagle hatred. It is literally possible for a Black Air Raider without wings to be detected by a Golden Eagle. The same applying to Black Air Raiders with Golden Eagles. Though with Black Air Raiders, it is sound related. They can literally hear a Black Air Raider breathing. It is assumed they have their own frequency.

This is not magic related. Golden Eagles will likely smell them out before seeing them.

The reaction is that there will be a high pitched whistle in their heads. It will put them on edge, it can be overcome depending on their mood. The physical effects moving from a whistle to a full headache or migraine. With extremely rare cases of nausea. This will only apply to people with the highest levels of connection to the culture. The only way to aliviate the symptoms is through physical action, anything that will raise their heart rate.

The positive effects of this 'reaction' is that their leaning towards weakness is instantly broken. They become on edge and almost have the same love for violence and aggression as a Black Air Raider, potentially more.

To them it is their cocaine on cocaine, on steroids.

In the same manner Humans have a useless appendix or a sheep that freezes upon a loud clap, the Golden Eagles have a recessive gene which makes them naturally submissive.

It is not specifically a question of a pleasure-hit their brain recieves, but a calming hit that limits their sense of pride.

They have a powerful, agile bodies, which make them all-round power warriors.

Ecology and Habitats

They have a sensitivity to extreme cold, best adopted to warm, humid, climates, with some enjoying intense heat. None enjoying cold.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They have an extremely heightened sense of smell, able to identify most things almost instantly, most especially if they have a memory of the smell, this is tied to their incredible sense of memory.

Civilization and Culture

Culture and Cultural Heritage

The Golden Eagles have a culture that spurns them into a want for battle.

It is vital as they're of the belief that without it they'll be destroyed.

Which could happen.

It goes against their will and their need for love, but that must be overcome in the name of fear.

They've artificially built in custom of aggression. Despite a proclivity to appease and retreat, they're almost built to fight, even against other races.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

One method of maintaining a willingness to fight is to ensure that, literally, every Golden Eagle holds a weapon at all times.

An armed Golden Eagle is an honorable Golden Eagle.

In the exact same manner with which men in kilts are allowed to be checked by women to ensure they're not wearing undergarments.


Their storied history is one of betrayal, genetic control, subjugation and genocide so immense that their extinction was a real threat.

Their earliest records aren't their own but those of other races from within the entire Black Thorne.

There were, before the age of consciousness, slaves. Though, ironically, not the slaves of the Black Air Raiders who appear to have had no knowledge of The Golden Eagles, at least until their liberation.

This was a time where they, as a people were tools, messengers for humans. They were faster than birds and extremely reliable, able to carry and fly large loads quickly and effectively.

The culture of abuse was cracked and broken by a prophet. A woman named Vumela, now known as Vumela the Tall. The tallness a metaphor for her ability to stand her ground.

She was a sex slave for a royal family. Her purpose was to be a maid nd a seex toy by the very people she was trained to care for most. It was a rule as, despite her age, she had to be sexually crushed, this despite being in a naturally submissive state.

She was won in a bet by a prince. She had to come with him to the school of magic. She had to have her chest branded and become a wizard but not learn magic, only serve the prince. There, she met the first of other sub-species of Intaka races, possessing wings, just like her.

It amazed her, she had never seen anything like it. How could there be people like her, doing whatever they like? Why weren't they slaves? Why were they allowed??

Everything she'd ever understood shattered. For weeks, she was useless, pretending it was a side effect of both the branding and tattooing as an excuse to let her be kept from being beaten to death for insubordination. She was still beaten but otherwise left to her devices.

The prince had to work.

She recovered her servitude and submissive state and followed the prince. It was both the greatest pleasure but the most painful cruelty. She was treated better than she could have ever imagined by races who did not support slavery but because she was treated like a person Vumela was brutalized, daily to her put in her place.

One day while bleeding out, she was face to face with her first Black Air Raider. Without talking, without saying a word the two of them fought like mad dogs. She had, never once, raised a fist in anger. She was bloody, beaten and bruised but without her or the Black Air Raider knowing why they fought desperately, burning up aggression.

They felt an unnatural edge. It wasn't hatred, because they didn't hate each other. In fact, the Black Air Raider provided healing and despite, insulting her, goading her constantly. She'd compliment her.

Vumelo's torture was so complete, she didn't consider it goading for the first year of knowing each other.

During that time she'd grown, mentally and physically, becoming an incredible fighter, all while the princess slept.

Before she knew it, she was a living, breathing event.

There are over a dozen different types of fight she'd experienced, from tying their dominant legs together and fighting, tying their hips, dominant hands, bare hands, grapple fights, boxing and so on.

Upon the Black Air Raider, Noxolo, asking, why so much fighting? Vumelo simply said the fighting hell was her choice.

And hers alone...

People from all over came to watch and challenge. She became lean. The third type of Intaka, the Green Waterstone Knights supported her, helping train in magic. She became a truly incredible warrior and separated her chains from her master.

This caused chaos when her master tried to kill her. She defended herself and crippled the prince.

She was summoned but her support base caused her to stop and stand up for herself.

It was then that the massacres began.

The Prince and his family killed one in seven Golden Eagles for every week she didn't hand herself in.

She was stunned to discover how valuable she had become! She chose to, with the negative blood effect of Noxolo, discover her anger. Something she didn't believe she, or her people, had.

Using the feathers of Noxolo as a necklace, she attacked the human nation, growing an army which promised its loyalty to the Green Waterstone Knights.

Using the fuel of the Black Air Raiders, they overpowered the humans who literally bred Golden Eagles into overpopulation.

The massive army numbers they needed were already there, but still millions of Golden Eagles were murdered without a fight. But with the help of small groups of supportive Black Air Raiders, they were pulled to a single army she'd formed, earning two of three territories, killing humans to the last man and evacuating woman and children.

She was called the Queen, the Prophet of their people and one of the most powerful wizards in their people's history. A true warlord, outside of the Age of Warlords.
Through her journals, the journals of Green Waterstone Knights and Noxolo, they formed the Golden Eagle history.

These journals literally became their faith, their culture, and their religion, a way, a lifestyle. One that demands they not be ashamed, but insists that they must CHANGE.

The Black Air Raiders are their greatest gifts, and their greatest foil, they cannot survive together and must fight. That fight makes them stronger, but they cannot step into Black Air Raider lands.

The conditions don't support it. They wait for the Raiders to come to them.

Their history with the Green Waterstones are entirely positive with not a single Waterstone ever turning on them and they support each other.

They are the backbone of the Golden Eagles.

Though over the centuries, as they've spread through out the Thorne. The relationships vary drastically depending on the culture and land.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Their Strongest Negative relationship is so intense it's biological. This is the relationship between themselves and The Black Air Raiders.

This has manifested culturally in the most dangerous of manners with things getting so severe there are laws which prevent them from setting up land next to each other. Some territories will have this in law. Most will only have it in their minds because to make that law is to pick a side. To pick a side means Black Air Raiders and Golden Eagles won't trade with you. You're unofficially at war with either nation.

Simply having Black Air Raiders or Golden Eagles isn't enough to make you an enemy. You have to have laws specific to either race or legislation supporting the one or the other.

Despite their painful history, the relationship with humans isn't negative. There are many who are weary but they have no fear of the humans.

Their strongest relationship and their greatest trade partner are the Green Waterstone Knights.

Average Height
These are medium height creatures, whose height ranges from 150cm to 180cm
Average Weight
On average, they're considered lightweight. For their size. They're large but their bones are hollow.
Average Physique
They have medium natural muscle definition. It's higher than humans but average against many other races.

Despite imperfect definition they are actually built to be muscular and buff.


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