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Dyesha Ndlovu-Sana

Dyesha Ndlovu-Sana

The fourth born of the Ndlovu-Sana family. This is something that said and did nothing for self-esteem. He was constantly called fourth because he came out after Malusi Ndlovu-Sana by a minute. So it was one of two names, the other being 'slow-boy', a name he hates. Because of it, he had a knack of being uptight.

Something which made him a bit of a pain to all those younger than him. Something that her mother had to keep an eye on. Nomvula used to take him out on Grounds Keeping excursions which, for a Master Grounds Keeper, tended to be unique.
His uptight personality was fun for her mother, he hated being wrong and confused, putting on a puffy face that would make her laugh.

To make Nomvula happy, he put a great effort into going places with her, trying not to get bored or be a nuisance; like not asking for food until he cried or tying himself to his chair, trying to watch them talk, even if they weren't saying anything he could hear.

He became well known amongst the Master Grounds Keepers. They had kids of their own. So it wasn't all stress and struggling.

At first, he was standoffish between himself and other children, but her mother really didn't like that. He became a good boy for his mother leading the other kids in excursions. He was a master game maker, rule keeper, and a fun maker. Despite his own disposition.

He slid right into the mentorship program and finished quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing Grounds Keepers.

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He was popular, intelligent and determined to create perfection. He was only a Grounds Keeper but was authoring his own books, and starting discussions, engaging in some of the most popular debates anyone had seen, he made being a Grounds Keeper exciting.

It wasn't big, he wasn't revolutionary, but with the methods to ease the cost of life was in itself revolutionary. More Grounds Keepers brought their children, more of the poorer candidates were engaged, raising the number of general mentorships, not all for the purpose of becoming more skilled.

While this was going on, he was still a good looking wealthy nobleman and an ambitious Grounds Keeper, the type of thing he lent into. One could have said it was one of his vices. Something that, once he reached a certain age was something that was his right. It is his right to choose his life.
He is the man with the most children from the most concubines, but he was to never even one. He is sure his mother would happily castrate him.

Year of Birth
323 UA 31 Years old
Aligned Organization


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