The Jamë Fletcher Clan

Tradition is ingrained into the cores of every member of the Jamë Fletcher clan.

The Patriarch, Adrian Jamë Fletcher, is one of the only clan Patriarchs in their history. A position only created through the votes of the greater elders.

They’re spread across Sibini. Ten stores across two levels.

The largest of their homes is in South Sun Sibini and holds the most members trained under the watchful eye of the elders and Grand Eldars.



As a means to live up to their way of life, they generally break each other down to casts. Grand Eldars, Eldars, Adults, and Children.  

The Bantu House

  The clan has a very strong connection with The Bantu House, though no member has ever married into the clan and will likely never will while Nokuthula Bantu is still alive. The reason being the culture of separation between the Merchants guilds, and the houses.  

The Birth of a New Branch

Dumisani Fletcher, a part of the North Sibini merchants guild, has a very open mind when it comes to the separation of the Municipalities, the merchants, and the Noble houses, going have gone for a new method of standing out, that being individuality.

"Respect over Gold"

Geopolitical, Great house
Notable Members

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