Bamboo City

Super Slum

This is the largest slum in all of Sedibeng with tens upon thousands of Chui, Ilosi and Khetshe who are interlocked and working together to survive and live a better life.

There is a massive supply of Bamboo growing around it but have been cut down regularly as many a home keeps as much as possible, it's a good source of food, housing money.

Cutting bamboo, stealing a person's bamboo is considered a crime and can be enough to get a person beaten to death, people going as far as getting special dye and markings to brand their goods to keep up the goods.

Division of power

The strength of a division lies in its people, so making the people is entirely where the people are. So as merchants have financial power, the houses have landowning power and the Grounds Keepers have a uniquely special vetoing power overall. Finally, the Municipalities have survivability power.

Each of those branches need the blood from these slums. The Grounds Keepers need people to help regulate the enviroments. The merchants need people to buy, the houses need servants and warriors and the municipalities need people to keep the slums alive in the first place.
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